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Sir Samuel Hood at St Kitts: a Reassessment

By J.D. Spinney

In this interesting paper, the author explains some criticisms by Commander in Chief George Rodney of his subordinate Samuel Hood, which were not made public before his retirement. One of these referred to Hood’s failure to send an advice ship to windward of Barbados islands, so that she could have notified him in advance of […] Read More

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The Disruption of H.M.S. Flora’s Convoy, 1776

By David Syrett

The 1776 attempt to convey the 42nd and 71st Regiments from Scotland to America illustrates the problems inherent in transporting troops across the Atlantic during the American Revolution. Comprising 33 transports escorted by HMS Flora, the convoy scattered in a storm off the Scilly Isles on 5 May.   While 9 transports reformed with Flora […] Read More

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The Foundering of H.M.S. Ramillies

By Kenneth Breen

In 1782 several warships under the command of Rear Admiral Thomas Graves set out from Jamaica with convoy for England. Graves had been criticized for his performance during the American war, and was anxious to return home to defend himself. But the ships in his squadron were in poor condition; some could not leave Jamaica, […] Read More

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The Condemnation of the Privateer Rising States, 1777

By David Syrett

The British transport Annabella was captured by the Americans in 1776, converted to the privateer Rising States, then recaptured by the British in 1777. Legal complexities ensued when it was realized that the original owners of the Annabella had already been compensated for their loss by the Navy Board. The case illustrates the legal and […] Read More

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Tale of the Nancy Brig

By Edgar K. Thompson

The Nancy was an American vessel ostensibly engaged in trade between Baltimore and Curacao when she was hailed by a Royal Navy cutter, the Sparrow, in August 1799. Papers thrown overboard by the Nancy’s captain were recovered a few days later from the belly of a shark caught from another Navy vessel, the Ferret. These […] Read More

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The Armed Vessels of the Nova Scotia Government in the Late Eighteenth Century

By J. C. Arnell

During the wars of the later eighteenth century, the Royal Navy was unable to protect all Britain’s colonies, particularly those off the Atlantic seaboard of North America. At Nova Scotia the problem was compounded by a lack of land communications. Successive provincial Governors petitioned London to be allowed to operate their own armed vessels. Arnell […] Read More

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Living Conditions on the Navy Board’s Transports During the American War 1775 – 1783

By David Syrett

Having to carry their troops for over 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean armed and fully equipped, the British had a serious geographical disadvantage on the American theatre. Many British soldiers were lost during the voyage, mostly because of disease and poor living conditions on board the transports. The men had to survive on half […] Read More

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The Navy and the Clyde in the American War 1777 – 1783

By M. K. Barritt

The outbreak of the American Revolutionary War destroyed the tobacco trade between Virginia and the river Clyde. Because of the war insurances prices rose and the Admiralty could no longer ensure the safety of the Clyde by dispatching ships to Scotland, as the few vessels that remained in European waters were needed for the Home […] Read More

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Saga of a Mutineer

By Edgar K. Thompson

The notorious mutiny aboard HMS Hermione in 1797 was followed by a relentless pursuit of those responsible for killing the officers and handing the ship over to the Spanish. In 1799 a Jonathan Robbins was arrested in South Carolina, accused of being Thomas Nash, one of the principal mutineers. Robbins was eventually extradited under the […] Read More

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Lord Sandwich at the Admiralty Board: Politics and the British Navy, 1771–1778

By J. H. Broomfield

The article sets out to establish why the able, determined administrator incurred the hostility of many of his sernior officers.   The opposition Sandwich resulting from the death of Governor George Pigot is examined, particularly that from George Johnstone. Sandwich did not get credit for having chosen men with ability for promotion, and his careful choice […] Read More

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