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The Growth of Plymouth Naval Base and European Tensions, 1717–32

By Christopher Ware

Between 1715 and 1727 Britain sent nine substantial squadrons to the Baltic to safeguard its interests. However, as the situation in the north of Europe began to settle, distrust began to increase again between Britain and Spain over Gibraltar and trade in the West Indies. Fighting at Gibraltar in 1727 led to an extended period […] Read More

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Sir Jacob Acworth and Experimental Ship Design during the Period of the Establishments

By Peter Hemingway

Acworth’s career quickly progressed, hindered only in its success due to suspension for negligence, after which he was quickly reinstated. Acworth had unprecedented control over ship design as Master Shipwright. His contributions included designing light and simple ‘snug ships’. The ‘new manner’ of shipbuilding based on Newtonian theory was embraced by Acworth with mixed, but […] Read More

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Keppel At Algiers: Diplomacy and the Limitations of Naval Power

By David Syrett

The seizure, in March 1749, of a British Post Office packet, the Prince Fredrick, sparked a confrontation which twenty six year old Hon. Augustus Keppel, Commodore of the Royal Navyís Mediterranean was charged to resolve through diplomacy. In the event neither the ship nor its cargo of bullion and diamonds were restored to the British […] Read More

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Nelson’s Uncle: Captain Maurice Suckling R.N.

By David Syrett

Captain Maurice Sucking entered the Royal Navy at the age of 13 as an able seaman. During his career he climbed the ranks to command 60 and 70-gun ships. His career took him through an eventful time in European history, including the War of Jenkins Ear and the Seven Year War, but despite this he […] Read More

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Health and Military Factors in Vernon’s Failure at Cartagena 1741

By Julian de Zulueta

The author argues that although there were clear factors such as the prevalence of disease, inexperience of the Army Commander and poor co-operation between sea and land forces, this failure may owe more to Vernon’s command misjudgements of the strength of Spanish defences and attack focus than previously considered. Here the successful assault through Boca […] Read More

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The Blockade of Brest in the French Revolutionary War

By Richard Saxby

This is the story of how during the eighteenth-century wars a western squadron stationed so as to cover the main French base at Brest became a kingpin of British strategy. A fleet capable of matching anything the French might put to sea placed in what the sailors of the time called the Soundings effectually deterred […] Read More

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Note: The Capture of the Baltick Merchant 1740

By J.H. Bettey

Spanish privateers captured a Bristol ship in 1740, and this provides evidence of the event itself and of other ships similarly captured and taken to San Sebastian. Read More

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Sea Power and the Jacobite Rising of 1745

By F. J. McLynn

The relevance of English sea control to the outcome of the Jacobite rising of 1745 is challenged. It is argued that it did not prevent the advance to Derby, nor hamper the retreat to the Highlands. The planned French invasion from Calais and Boulogne was undermined by lack of support from the Ministers of War […] Read More

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Privateers off the Needles 1745

By John Marsh

This is an account of the capture of HM Sloop Mediator, Captain Lieutenant Hamilton, in May 1745 by a French privateer snow, using evidence from the Court Martial of David Coulton, Master of the Mediator in September 1745. Details are given of the encounter and there is discussion of reasons why Hamilton escaped censure while […] Read More

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Parliament and the Marine Regiments, 1739

By Alfred J. Marini

Prior to 1739, seagoing regiments were not a permanent part of the British Naval establishment, but were raised and disbanded on an ad hoc basis. There was also no consensus regarding the actual role of marines – were they sailors-in-training, soldiers serving on ships, or specialized amphibious troops? The impermanence of these forces also prevented […] Read More

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