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The First English Frigates

By Robert Gardiner

There has been debate among historians for some time as to which ships should be regarded as the first English frigates. This paper examines the influence on changes taking place in small cruiser design in the mid-18th century in England of captured French privateers and national frigates. The author concludes that the privateers influenced subsequent […] Read More

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The Kempenfelt Family

By Ake Lindwall

A short history of the Kempenfelt family from origins in Sweden and what details are available of the careers and fate of Admiral Kempenfelt’s brothers. Read More

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H.M.S. Maidstone 1744-1747

By Marc Paillé

In 1747 Captain, later Admiral, Augustus Keppel’s ship HMS Maidstone ran aground during the chase of a French merchant ship. The incident is well documented in British sources, but is hardly mentioned in France. Searches in French archives have uncovered a report from a French merchant captain regarding the grounding of HMS Maidstone. Read More

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A Frigate in Three Hurricanes

By A.J. Marsh

During her first commission the Experiment frigate endured a lifetime’s worth of stress from West Indian weather as described in these log extracts. Read More

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The Shark and the 1745

By W.E. May

Uses the first part of the comprehensive log book of the sloop HMS Shark (10) which was kept from 1745 to 1748 under Commander Christopher Middleton to look at the participation of a naval vessel in operations to counter the Jacobite rebellion. Operating around the UK, the Shark was involved in various events as the […] Read More

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Some Notes on Warship Building by Contract in the Eighteenth Century

By Bernard Pool

When the war of Spanish Succession began in 1701 the Royal Navy was well supplied with ships in reserve built after the last peace with France in 1697. At the start of the war of Austrian Succession in 1739 there had been no new construction and the existing fleet was decaying. Thus began a period […] Read More

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Labour Relations in the Royal Dockyards in 1739

By B. McL. Ranft

A disorderly strike by the shipwrights at Chatham, Woolwich and Deptford was more effective in wringing concessions from the Navy Board than were written protests by the blacksmiths. There were far more shipwrights than smiths and a major bone of contention was the traditional prerogative of shipwrights to take home ‘chips’ for their own use. Read More

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Shipbuilding in Ipswich 1700-1750

By A.G.E. Jones

Ipswich was a town which experienced great changes in the fortunes of shipbuilding between circa 1700 and 1750. The town was dependent on the Newcastle coal trade and the patronage of the Navy Board. After a busy period up to 1673, decay set in quickly. In 1710 the fortunes of Ipswich improved when a recovery […] Read More

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John Morris and the Carthagena Expedition, 1739-1740

By Frank R. Lewis

The Carthagena expedition is recounted drawing on 23 letters of John Morris. He joined the navy in 1739 as masters mate in the 80 gun ship Torbay. His letters give a detailed account of preparations for the West Indies, with frequent complaints of overwork and the damaging effects of delays in sailing. The Torbay sailed […] Read More

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Josiah Burchett, Secretary to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, 1695-1742

By G.F. James

Having explained why Pepys’s successors remain obscure until the advent of Burchett, the author sets out the known facts of Burchett’s life and duties during his forty –seven years in office.  He reviews the clues which may ultimately reveal Burchett’s birthplace and parentage.  He then outlines Burchett’s career, quoting extensively from contemporary documents. There follows […] Read More

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