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Documents: The Rank of Master and Commander

By courtesy of D. B. Smith

Reproduced is the text of the Order-in-Council of 27 March 1746, referred to by L. G. Carr Laughton in “The Rank of Commander, R.N.”, which appeared in MM Vol. 9 Issue 8, (August 1923). Read More

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The Naval Uniform of 1748

By David B. Smith

Naval uniforms were introduced by an Admiralty Order on April 13th 1748. There is some debate on how the colour scheme was chosen. According to a letter written by Edward Hawke Locker in 1830, Rear-Admiral the Hon. John Forbes was shown a selection of possible uniform colours by the Duke of Bedford sometime between August […] Read More

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Document: Captain’s Orders for HMS St. George 1745

By Contributed by Paymr.-Lieut. H. R. H. Vaughan RN

The document issued on 16 April 1745 by Captain W. M. Fielding of the St George, then lying at Spithead, lays down very specific orders to his senior officers for the maintenance of the watch, both during the day and at night, to ensure his ship was not caught unawares by the enemy. Read More

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The First Naval Uniform for Officers: The Story of the Blue and White Costume of 1748

By G.E. Manwaring

The earliest notice of the new uniform appeared in the Jacobite’s Journal of March 5th, 1748, as follows: An order is said to be issued, requiring all his Majesty’s sea-officers, from the Admiral down to the Midshipman, to wear an uniformity of clothing. Although the wearing of the new uniform was made compulsory by the […] Read More

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Document: Grog

By courtesy of L. G. Carr Laughton

This short article reproduces in full the order issued on 21 August, 1740 by Edward Vernon, Vice-Admiral and Commander-in-Chief in the West Indies. His order dispensed with the previous practice of serving neat rum and replaced it with half a pint of rum mixed with a quart of water. So marked was the improvement in […] Read More

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Document: Eighty-Gun Ships

By courtesy of Sir J. K. Laughton & D. B. Smith

Laughton and Smith provide an excerpt from a letter from Vice-Admiral Thomas Mathews, Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet in the Mediterranean, to the Duke of Newcastle dated 17 February 1743 in which Vice-Admiral Mathews explains why British eighty-gun ships were no match for their French counterparts. Read More

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