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Pitch, Paint, Varnish and the Changing Colour Schemes of Royal Navy Warships, 1775–1815: A summary of existing knowledge

By Brian Vale

It is a long-standing assumption that the colour scheme of British warships between 1775 and 1815 changed from yellow hulls, through the yellow and black Nelson chequer to the ubiquitous black and white; while the interiors and bulwarks were first painted red, then yellow ochre, then a range of light colours including green. In the […] Read More

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Note: An Offshore Hydrographic Survey by the Royal Navy in 1798

By M. K. Barritt

In 1798 St Vincent ordered an urgent examination of an alternative anchorage for the Mediterranean fleet south of Cape Spartel.  This account describes the methods used to carry out the survey and its shortfalls. Read More

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Document: Captain Beaufort on the Sensation felt by Drowning Man

By courtesy of Maldwin Drummond

This document records the experience of Francis Beaufort when he nearly drowned as a midshipman in the frigate Aquilon. Read More

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The Application and Scheme of Paintworks in British Men-of-War in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries

By Peter G. Goodwin

The question of the authenticity of the colour scheme for the preserved HMS Victory has been the subject of some debate. This article uses historical evidence and technical analysis of paint samples to draw conclusions about the external and internal appearance of HMS Victory and other ships of this time in both the British and […] Read More

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Note: Baron de Bode and His Capstan

By John Harland

The capstan patented in 1836 was designed to be used with a chain messenger by which the               passage of cable was not interrupted.  The Note also contains details of the de Bode family and their historic claim to restitution under the Treaty of Paris for the value of […] Read More

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‘This Great Complex Concern’: Victualling the Royal Navy on the East Indies Station, 1780–1815

By Martin Wilcox

The East Indies station was the largest and most challenging area in which the Royal Navy operated during the long eighteenth century. Although operations on the station are well understood, its administration has until recently been the subject of little research. This article, which builds upon work by the author on the victualling of the […] Read More

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North Sea and Baltic Convoy 1793–1814: as Experienced by Merchant Masters Employed by Michael Henley & Son

By John Barney

Letters to Michael Henley & Son from their ship’s masters provided a source of material for the views and opinions of the convoy systems put in place with the Convoy Act of 1798 during the French wars. The information ranges from ships engaged in commercial trade, to ships used by the Transport Service and their […] Read More

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A Memorial to Hibberts

By Anthony Partington

The hull of a West Indiaman is nearly complete in artificial stone, intended to be placed over the grand entrance into the West India Docks at Blackwall. The length from stem to stern is upwards of ten feet, with height in proportion. The sides are beautifully adorned with all the minute appendages of a vessel […] Read More

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An Admiral and his Money: Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood

By J.D. Hilton FCA

Vice-Admiral Collingwood was an affluent man at the beginning of the nineteenth century but had to manage this growing wealth while absent at sea for long periods at a time. Problems with wealth for the affluent included where to invest their money and with no property, Collingwood chose to invest in British government stocks whose […] Read More

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Royal Navy Gunners in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

By Gareth Cole

Gunners were warrant officers, appointed by the Navy Board, but permanently attached to their ship. The article examines how a man became a gunner; what was the role of the gunner on board ship once he was warranted; how these responsibilities fitted in with the ordnance and naval aspects of warfare at sea; how the […] Read More

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