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Latouche-Tréville: the Admiral who Defied Nelson

By Rémi Monaque

Latouche-Tréville’s career in the French Navy from 1758 was interspersed with periods in other employments. The republican government promoted him Rear-Admiral in 1793, but he was then imprisoned for a year and remained unemployed until reinstated by Bonaparte in 1800. In August 1801, when commanding at Boulogne, he repulsed two attempts by Nelson to destroy […] Read More

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British Naval Intelligence and Bonaparte’s Egyptian Expedition of 1798

By Michael Duffy

Reflects on responsibilities of naval commander in Mediterranean at end of 18th century. Considers difficulty of obtaining intelligence of French naval actions and intentions; time taken to get reports from Italy or central Europe to London; to evaluate them within the wide range of possibilities; effects of threats closer to home on evaluation and time […] Read More

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An Aid to Nelson’s Victory? A Description of the Harbour of Aboukir 1798

By Tom Malcomson

A re-opening of the ever contentious debate of ‘did Nelson have any prior intelligence concerning the anchorage surrounding the French fleet at Aboukir in 1798?’ To lunge into battle in an unfamiliar bay in a failing light would have been extremely risky even courting disaster. Alternatively, if Nelson did have a sketch of the bay […] Read More

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Note: The Nelson Bicentenary at Tenerife, Spanish Celebration and British Commemoration.

By R.E.G. Harris

A moving tribute to the presence of HMS Victory’s Cutter at the bicentenary of Nelson’s original assault on Tenerife in July 1797. Read More

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Jean François Hodoul, Corsair of the Indian Ocean

By P.A.B. Thomson

  Jean Francois Hodoul was one of the best known French Indian Ocean corsairs of the Revolutionary War of 1793 to 1801 after Surcouf, Lememe and Perroud. Unlike his more celebrated peers he did not return to privateering after the Peace of Amiens broke down in 1803. Instead he settled in the Seychelles, effectively neutral […] Read More

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Guadeloupe’s Commerce Raiding 1796-98: Perspectives and Contexts

By H. J. K. Jenkins

Following a very short-lived British occupation, Guadeloupe was recaptured during 1794 by an expedition from France: this led to the colony coming under the control of Victor Hugues who was to acquire the sobriquet of ‘The Colonial Robespierre’. With a large flotilla, powerful shore-batteries, and an armed and disciplined population the colony was formidable and […] Read More

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The Frigate Situation of the Royal Navy 1793-1815

By Paul Webb

Frigates were the eyes of the fleet, and Nelson was not alone in lamenting his ‘want of frigates’. The author provides a detailed study of the number of frigates available to the Royal Navy, where they were obtained, and the costs of their construction and repair, during the period of the study. He concludes that […] Read More

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Note: An Eyewitness Account of the Glorious First of June 1794

By Captain Hugh Owen RN

A letter written by a midshipman on board Barfleur gives details of the engagement as understood within the fleet. Read More

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To Walk the Quarterdeck: the Naval Career of David Ewen Bartholomew

By Conrad Dixon

David Ewen Bartholomew had a remarkable career, being one of a handful of individuals who rose from pressed man to post captain in the Royal Navy.  He had the ill-fortune to be pressed twice, once as a merchant seaman in 1795 and once as a naval officer temporarily out of employment when he distinguished himself as […] Read More

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The Blockade of Brest in the French Revolutionary War

By Richard Saxby

This is the story of how during the eighteenth-century wars a western squadron stationed so as to cover the main French base at Brest became a kingpin of British strategy. A fleet capable of matching anything the French might put to sea placed in what the sailors of the time called the Soundings effectually deterred […] Read More

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