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Book Review-‘Trading in War: London’s maritime world in the age of Cook and Nelson’ by M. Lincoln

By Isaac Land

Trading in War examines the social and cultural history of the maritime districts of London, on both the north and south banks of the Thames, from the Seven Years War era through the Napoleonic Wars. It is aimed at a general readership, rather than a specialized academic audience, integrating and abridging what we know from […] Read More

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Book Review- ‘Britain’s Last Invasion: The battle of Fishguard 1797’ by P. Carridice

By Richard Harding

Invasions from the sea take many forms. From small raids in pursuit of plunder and destruction to major mechanized armies fulfilling the strategic potential of sea power. Most can be assumed to be undertaken with a clear understanding of the relationship between their means and their objective. Seldom are huge risks taken with lives and […] Read More

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Book Review- ‘The European Seaborne Empires: From the Thirty Year’s War to the Age of Revolutions’ by G. Pacquett

By Lambert, Andrew

While the title is a deliberate homage to well- known works by Charles Boxer and John Parry on the Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish seaborne empires from the late 1960s, Gabriel Pacquette has reworked the concept to address concerns that have emerged over the past 50 years, not least slavery, forced migration, the role of the […] Read More

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The Afterlife of the Ostend Company, 1727–1745

By Gijs Dreijer

The Generale Keijzerlijcke Indische Compagnie, known as the Ostend Company or GIC, was a short-lived but very successful chartered company based in the Southern Netherlands between 1722 and 1727. Despite the high profits from the Chinese tea trade, the Habsburg Emperor Charles VI was forced to retract its charter in 1727 under Dutch and English […] Read More

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Note: The Etymology of List, ‘Inclination of a Ship’

By William Sayers

This note explores the etymology of the word list, meaning the inclination of a ship, including a discussion of Norse, Old English and French terminology. Read More

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Note: The Selsey Fishing Fleet

By Peter Thomson

A short history of the West Sussex town of Selsey, its fishing industry and fleet from the sixteenth century to the present day. Read More

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‘We Almost Gave Ourselves Up for Lost That Night’: Alfred Costello’s account of the shipwreck of the Elizabeth, 1852

By Alison Henry and Richard Henry

The merchant mariner Alfred Costello recorded an account of the shipwreck of the barque Elizabeth on the Andaman Islands in 1852. His account provides an insight into the challenges faced by the crew culminating in a 300-mile journey from the Andaman Islands to Burma (Myanmar). Only Costello and the ship’s captain survived to return to England. Costello’s […] Read More

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Goldsmiths and Grocers: Further examination of investors in the privateering voyage of Woodes Rogers, 1708–1711

By Ian Abbey

Recent histories have focused on the investors who outfited and funded the cruising voyage of Woodes Rogers to the Pacific from 1708 to 1711. However, relatively little has been published on the roles these investors played within Bristol society outside of the major contributors. This article identifies the social and business activities of all of […] Read More

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The Reduction of the French Mediterranean Fleet 1702–1719

By Rif Winfield

After the losses sustained at Cherbourg and La Hogue following the battle of Barfleur in 1692, Louis XIV remained keen to continue building up his navy to a size equal to or exceeding in strength the combined English and Dutch fleets. Within a few days he authorized six replacement First Rank ships (three-deckers) and five […] Read More

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The Colour Schemes of British Warship Figureheads 1727–1900

By David Pulvertaft

Between the mid-eighteenth century and 1900 almost all the figureheads on British warships were carved in the likeness of an individual man, woman, beast or bird, each of which was intended to represented the name of the ship. Of those that have survived, the vast majority are painted in full colour, suggesting that this was […] Read More

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