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Sustaining British Naval Power Through New England Masts During the Seven Years War

By Yuichi Hiono

This study focuses on the Royal Navy’s use of American naval stores, especially New England masts, during the Seven Years War. It highlights the significance of the eastward naval logistics of American naval stores across the Atlantic, based on records revealing the navy’s constant effort to sustain these logistics in the British Atlantic world. Drawing […] Read More

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Note: John Cleveley the Elder’s ‘The Floating Out of the Cambridge’: Problems and patrons

By A.B. McLeod and A.M.G. McLeod

The Floating Out of the Cambridge 1755 is a pre-eminent example of the artist John Cleveley’s style. Th authors have examined this work in detail and have investigated the identity of the patron who commissioned the work. Read More

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Nelson’s Uncle: Captain Maurice Sucking R.N.

By David Syrett

Captain Maurice Sucking entered the Royal Navy at the age of 13 as an able seaman. During his career he climbed the ranks to command 60 and 70-gun ships. His career took him through an eventful time in European history, including the War of Jenkins Ear and the Seven Year War, but despite this he […] Read More

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Documents: The Taking of Geeriah Fort and Town 1756 Amphibious Operations in Indian Waters

By courtesy of Jeremy Franks

This is a transcript of a manuscript in the Indian papers of Christopher Henrik Braad (1728-81). McGonen (or McGovern or McGowan), its signatory, was an observer on board HMS Kent and on shore with troops. Well informed on points of military detail, he seems to be a soldier. In the account of the attack on […] Read More

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The Lurcher Cutter in the Seven Years’ War, 1761-1763

By Carol D. Greene

His Majesty’s Cutter Lurcher entered service in February 1761 through purchase of a captured French vessel. She served in the Dover Strait and the North Sea on convoy and patrol duties until March 1762. She was then dispatched to the West Indies. Lurcher compressed into slightly less than two years’ service all the patrol, convoy, […] Read More

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A Fearful Gift, the Spanish Naval Build-Up in the West Indies 1759-1762

By David F. Marley

Following the insanity and death of Ferdinand VI, his successor, Charles III engaged in complex diplomatic activity leading to an alliance with France initiated by the duc de Choiseul and precipitated by the threat of a British expedition against France’s West Indian colonies. Despite a programme of shipbuilding and the transfer of substantial naval forces […] Read More

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The Profits of Privateering: a Guernsey Fleet, 1756-1762

By Peter Raban

Little has been written about the mundane and dangerous tasks carried out by privateers, particularly those of the Channel Islands. Evidence of the Dobree-Carey Partnership and Accounts has recently come to light. The accounts show that Dobree and the Careys made only a pittance from their privateers. Read More

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Havana Surprised: Prelude to the British Invasion, 1762

By David F Marley

Marley’s article explores why Havana, Spain’s most important stronghold in Spanish America, was surprised by the arrival of the large British invasion force fully six months after war had been declared. Factors examined in detail include the capture and subsequent recapture of the Spanish message-bearing vessel en- route, Cuban Spanish message interpretation as signifying a […] Read More

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The Blockade of Brest in the French Revolutionary War

By Richard Saxby

This is the story of how during the eighteenth-century wars a western squadron stationed so as to cover the main French base at Brest became a kingpin of British strategy. A fleet capable of matching anything the French might put to sea placed in what the sailors of the time called the Soundings effectually deterred […] Read More

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Note: The Terriblest Sight that could be imagined, the loss of the Prince George in 1758

By Jeremy Black

An eyewirness account of the loss through fire of the flagship Prince George in 1758. Read More

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