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The Voyage of the Pitt – a Turning Point in East India Navigation

By R. P. Crowhust

In 1758-9 East India ship Pitt, under the command of Captain Wilson, sailed through Java and New Guinea, a route that had been closed to the British ships since 1623. The Pitt was more heavily built compared to other merchantmen as she served as an escort ship to convoys while carrying her cargo back to […] Read More

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The Voyages of H.M.S. Eltham

By Captain E.J. Priestley

This short article is an account of the service record of the HMS Eltham, a vessel launched in June 1736, and dismantled in June 1763. HMS Eltham would see conflict in the West Indies during the War of Jenkins’s War, and then later encounter French hostility in both North America and India, before returning to […] Read More

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The Taking of Goree, 1758

By A.J. Marsh

The Honourable Augustus Keppel enjoyed powerful family influence and circumnavigated the world with Anson.  After capturing Goree , the first successful combined operation of the Seven Years’ War, he commanded the landing on Belle Isle in 1761 and had an important part in the capture of Havana in 1762.  The reasons for attacking Goree are […] Read More

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Some Notes on Warship Building by Contract in the Eighteenth Century

By Bernard Pool

When the war of Spanish Succession began in 1701 the Royal Navy was well supplied with ships in reserve built after the last peace with France in 1697. At the start of the war of Austrian Succession in 1739 there had been no new construction and the existing fleet was decaying. Thus began a period […] Read More

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By Commander C.G. Pitcairn Jones, R. N.

This argues that the term and role of midshipmen arose from a form of apprenticeship, with the group berthed amidships. Examines the careers of three dozen midshipmen in the 1750’s from the 6th rate Blandford. Read More

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Great Britain and Malta before 1798

By M.S. Anderson

A good description is given of relations between Britain and Malta from the 17th Century up to the point Britain occupies Malta in 1800. Detail is given of the French influence of this period and the loose diplomatic relationship between Britain and the Order of St John of Jerusalem who governed Malta. A strong argument […] Read More

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The Voyage of the Snow Africa

By W.E. Minchinton

The snow Africa was a two-masted, square rigged ship of 100 tons burthen. Such a vessel would carry about 250 slaves. On 15 July 1775, after an absence of 9 months, the Africa arrived back at Bristol in ballast. There was a total loss on this particular voyage of 250 pounds 18 shillings. It is […] Read More

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Some Letters from the Archives of the Knights of St John, Preserved at Valetta, Malta

By Gavin B. Henderson

The British conquest of Malta caused severe damage, but the Malta Public Library and its extraordinary content of documents related to the Order of Saint John remained completely safe. Previously all studies were devoted to the order before their settlement in Malta, except a few books published by some librarians, whose references are well explained. […] Read More

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Pembroke: The First Fortification Scheme, 1757-1764

By Margaret Franklin

The scheme to fortify Milford Haven was initially conceived in 1737 to establish a secure harbour with dockyard facilities readily accessible from the Atlantic. Preliminary surveys were carried out and in June 1758 parliament adopted a fortification scheme, deferring docks and shipyard. Engineers were appointed, land acquired and work began in September 1760. Problems were […] Read More

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Thurot in Shetland

By R. Stuart Bruce

Jean Bart Thurot was on the Marshall de BellIsle, a 40-gun French privateer which arrived without warning in the Shetlands in October 1757 along with two smaller armed vessels. The article describes their revictualling and eventual departure for Norway through contemporary correspondence and newspaper reports as well as the legal actions which followed when the […] Read More

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