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Note: Seamen’s Dress

By Charles N Robinson

In 1805 regulations governing the clothing to be worn by Royal Navy seamen did not exist but that did not mean that what was worn was not relatively uniform. Robinson describes the clothing worn in the Service at the time and supports this with primary source references. Read More

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The Coast Signal Stations and the Semaphore Telegraph

By Captain R. Hudleston, R.N.

Notes taken from the Public Record Office on the dates and details of construction of the Semaphore Telegraph stations erected during the Napoleonic wars, the routes served and the number of stations built. Notes taken on the establishment and manning of Coast Signal Stations in England and Ireland and the flag signalling system used. References […] Read More

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The Rivals

By W. Senior

The article describes the events following the capture by the French of the merchant ship “Blenden Hall” in 1813, her sighting, when drifting abandoned, by the post office packet “Eliza”, the putting of a crew on board and subsequent events. These include conflicting claims for salvage and the passage of these through the Admiralty Court. Read More

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Decaen and Linois

By John Leyland

When in March 1803, a French squadron left Brest bound for Pondicherry in India, relations between the senior military officer General Decaen, and the Rear Admiral Linois were already strained. Decaen, appointed Captain-General of French establishments in India (now to be returned under the provisions of the Treaty of Amiens), believed that Linois was disrespectful […] Read More

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Note: La Chanson du “Redoutable”

By Courtesy of L G Carr Laughton

Reproduced in its original French is a sailor’s song concerning the death of Nelson at Trafalgar. However, it takes us no closer to ascertaining who fired the shot that killed Nelson. Read More

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