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N ote: The Tip of the Spear: Captain Henry Hotham and the blockade of Brest and L’Orient

By Martin Robson

Commissioned in 1810 to command HMS Northumberland in the Channel Fleet and to blockade the French coast, the honourable Henry Hotham’s diaries, logs and letters have been used to give the reader details of the dangers, difficulties and successes of this vital element of the Napoleonic war at sea. Read More

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Note: ‘You are a Very Naughty Admiral Indeed’

By Lorna M. Campbell and Heather Noel-Smith

An account of a letter written  by Lady Caroline Warren to Sir Edward Pellew   Read More

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Note: Benjamin T. Hill’s HMS Victory Collection

By Rodney Hilton Brown

An account of the Nelson and HMS Victory memorabilia collected by Benjamin Hill Read More

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Agincourt Sound Revisited

By Michael Barritt

At the resumption of hostilities in 1803 after the Peace of Amiens, Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, now commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean, renewed his interest in Sardinia as a logistical base for the blockade of Toulon. The story of the selection of an anchorage, known in the British fleet as Agincourt Sound, situated in the Maddalena Islands […] Read More

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Lord Nelson and Earl St Vincent: Prize Fighters

By Grahame Aldous QC

The lengthy prize litigation over the proceeds of Spanish treasure conducted between 1801 and 1803 involving Lord Nelson and Earl St Vincent is often referred to, but little understood. Using contemporaneous records, correspondence and law reports, this article considers the original prize captures that gave rise to the dispute, the tactics adopted by the litigating […] Read More

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Document: The Wardroom Mess Accounts for HMS Leyden, 1809

By courtesy of Nicholas Blake

In 1809 HMS Leyden was fitting in Sheerness for the Walcheren expedition. On 29 March, Captain John Spearing RM joined her, and became the mess caterer. Captain Spearing was not an accomplished accountant; he was extravagant and failed to take or keep receipts, and in August the mess accused him of embezzling part of the […] Read More

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The Application and Scheme of Paintworks in British Men-of-War in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries

By Peter G. Goodwin

The question of the authenticity of the colour scheme for the preserved HMS Victory has been the subject of some debate. This article uses historical evidence and technical analysis of paint samples to draw conclusions about the external and internal appearance of HMS Victory and other ships of this time in both the British and […] Read More

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‘This Great Complex Concern’: Victualling the Royal Navy on the East Indies Station, 1780–1815

By Martin Wilcox

The East Indies station was the largest and most challenging area in which the Royal Navy operated during the long eighteenth century. Although operations on the station are well understood, its administration has until recently been the subject of little research. This article, which builds upon work by the author on the victualling of the […] Read More

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‘Great Expectations’: the Approach of British Ships at the Battle of Trafalgar

By Tony Beales

  This re-examines the battle of Trafalgar through concentrating on the tactics and ship formations conceived by captains present at the battle, namely Horatio Nelson and Cuthbert Collingwood. Information such as diagrams of naval plans are assessed and evaluated to clarify the approach of British ships in the vicinity of the French and Spanish fleets […] Read More

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North Sea and Baltic Convoy 1793–1814: as Experienced by Merchant Masters Employed by Michael Henley & Son

By John Barney

Letters to Michael Henley & Son from their ship’s masters provided a source of material for the views and opinions of the convoy systems put in place with the Convoy Act of 1798 during the French wars. The information ranges from ships engaged in commercial trade, to ships used by the Transport Service and their […] Read More

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