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A Place of Considerable Importance: Lord Cochrane and the Siege of Roses 1808

By Justin Reay FSA

Roses was the perfect place for French strategic needs. Less than half a day’s sail from Barcelona and within a day’s fast sail of the main French Mediterranean naval port of Toulon. As Lord Cochrane was to state, ‘the key to Catalonia’ which would only be safe if there was no danger of an assault […] Read More

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An Admiral and his Money: Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood

By J.D. Hilton FCA

Vice-Admiral Collingwood was an affluent man at the beginning of the nineteenth century but had to manage this growing wealth while absent at sea for long periods at a time. Problems with wealth for the affluent included where to invest their money and with no property, Collingwood chose to invest in British government stocks whose […] Read More

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Royal Navy Gunners in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

By Gareth Cole

Gunners were warrant officers, appointed by the Navy Board, but permanently attached to their ship. The article examines how a man became a gunner; what was the role of the gunner on board ship once he was warranted; how these responsibilities fitted in with the ordnance and naval aspects of warfare at sea; how the […] Read More

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The Society Annual Lecture 2008: The Sea and British National Identity

By Brian Lavery

The author reflects on the sea and the British national identity by considering the two most recent occasions when Britain was threatened with invasion, by Napoleon and Hitler, dispelling some of the myths and drawing certain conclusions, including his belief that survival has imbued the British with a lasting self-respect. The author seems less concerned […] Read More

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‘Eminent Service’: War, Slavery and the Politics of Public Recognition in the British Caribbean and the Cape of Good Hope c. 1782–1807

By John McAleer

The presentation of gifts to successful naval officers in recognition of their achievements provides insights into the political and commercial priorities of those who made the presentations. Many of these ‘objects of esteem’ are in the National Maritime Museum. They provide important insight into the social and economic context and the motives of the donors, […] Read More

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The Society Annual Lecture 2007: Politics and Trust in Victualling the Navy, 1793-1815

By Roger Knight

Following the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the Victualling Board was accused of corruption and poor performance. A detailed examination of the evidence shows that most problems were due to inefficient working practices and lack of expertise on the part of the Commissioners. Government reforms had in fact started after the American War and reforms […] Read More

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The Supply of Casks and Staves to the Royal Navy, 1770–1815

By Roger Morriss

The sailing Royal Navy needed wooden casks for fresh water, alcohol and food. Consumption peaked in 1805: Deptford Yard issued 72,253 tight casks and 72,073 dry casks, and the annual average at Portsmouth was 10,000 and at Plymouth 21,700. From the 1780s cask staves were principally English beech, from 1800, oak from Quebec, but the […] Read More

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Spies Versus Prizes: Technology Transfer Between Navies in the Age of Trafalgar

By Larrie D. Ferreiro

Britain, France and Spain shared or stole naval technology in the century before Trafalgar. France preferred industrial espionage; Britain, capturing ships; and Spain, a combination of exchanges and espionage. Jorge Juan y Santacilia (in 1749–50) brought techniques and over eighty skilled craftsmen to Spain, resulting in the ‘construcción a la inglesa’; Henri Louis de Fulque […] Read More

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Two years off Provence: the Victualling and Health of Nelson’s fleet in the Mediterranean, 1803 to 1805

By Janet Macdonald

The paper discusses the logistical difficulties of providing sufficient provisions to the Toulon squadron, particularly beverages and fresh food, which needed to be replenished frequently. The logistics and challenges of sourcing these from locations such as the Madalena Islands, Naples, Barcelona and Sicily are discussed, together with the work of the agent victualler, Richard Ford, […] Read More

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The Smugglers’ Shipbuilder: the Customers, Trades and Vessels of a Mevagissey Shipyard, 1799-1816

By Helen Doe

The surviving papers and ledgers of a West Country shipbuilder have been reviewed to ascertain its customers and the build and design of its vessels. The company’s main markets included the fishing, coastal trade and smuggling community and each of these is described, together with the types of vessels constructed for them. It concludes that […] Read More

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