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An Ethnography of Shetland’s Oldest Boat, the Sixareen Mary LK 981

By arc Chivers, Michael J. Stratigos & Ian Tait

The Mary LK 981 is the oldest surviving Shetland-built boat. Detailed recording of surviving examples of Shetland’s boats has been rare, and where undertaken, has focused on analysing overall boat form rather than their biographies. However, previous work has been critiqued as too narrowly focused on hull form and the direct connection between Shetland’s small boats and […] Read More

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Notes: ‘Noble-minded friends and comrades’: Statistical and personal network analysis of Royal Navy officers between 1840 and 1889

By Jorit Wintjes and Isabell Bachmann

The decades between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the Naval Defence Act of 1889  were a significant period of transformation in British in naval history.  Did officers recruited during this period form networks of ‘progressive’ adopters of technology who were at odds with ‘reactionary’ keepers of tradition, and did the ready, or reluctant, […] Read More

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Note: A Statistical Analysis of Scottish-built Ships 1850–2009

By Ian Buxton

A statistical analysis of trends in Scottish ship production from 1850 – 2009 based on data extracted from the British Shipbuilding Database.  The data discriminates between merchant ships and warships, construction material, tonnage and propulsion, and is split into Scotland’s three principal shipbuilding regions: Upper Clyde: Rutherglen–Bowling, Lower Clyde: Dumbarton westward and SW and NW […] Read More

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Note: The Selsey Fishing Fleet

By Peter Thomson

A short history of the West Sussex town of Selsey, its fishing industry and fleet from the sixteenth century to the present day. Read More

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The Egyptian Navy of Muhammad Ali Pasha

By John Houghton

Muhammad Ali (Mehmed Ali in Turkish) ruled Egypt as Ottoman governor from 1805 to 1848. Defeating all internal opposition, he initiated a series of changes to Egyptian society and the economy that vastly increased his revenue and thereby enabled him to create an army of 140,000 men and a navy which matched that of the […] Read More

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How to Defend the Turkish Straits Against the Russians: A century-long ‘Eastern Question’ in British defence planning, 1815–1914

By Gültekin Yıldız

The integrity of the Ottoman Empire was a fundamental concern in nineteenth-century European politics, often referred to as ‘the Eastern Question’. The main military aspect of this question was how Istanbul and the Turkish Straits, namely the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, could be defended against a probable Russian attack by land, sea or both. The […] Read More

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Note: Maupassant’s Afloat: Why did this classic account of yacht cruising sink without trace?

By Mike Bender

A critical analysis of Guy de Maupassant’s yachting memoir Afloat discussing why it failed to appeal to contemporary critics and readers. Read More

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The Ottoman Naval Academy and the Development of Naval Training in the Reign of Sultan Abdülaziz (1861–1876)

By Dilara Dal

During the period after the battle of Navarino in 1827, steam warships were widely adopted by the major navies, and the rise of ironclads in the late 1850s marked the turning point both in warship construction and naval strategy as the dominant element of battle at sea. These rapid developments observed in European naval warfare […] Read More

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The Making of Mr George Thomas RN, Admiralty Surveyor for Home Waters from 1810

By David Walker & Adrian Webb

George Thomas, the first naval hydrographic surveyor continuously employed in the nineteenth century, was highly regarded by the three Admiralty hydrographers under whom he served until 1846. An earlier account of his humble origins and youthful adventures, based on the recollections of his clerk, is supported only in part by contemporary records. This recent investigation […] Read More

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The Colour Schemes of British Warship Figureheads 1727–1900

By David Pulvertaft

Between the mid-eighteenth century and 1900 almost all the figureheads on British warships were carved in the likeness of an individual man, woman, beast or bird, each of which was intended to represented the name of the ship. Of those that have survived, the vast majority are painted in full colour, suggesting that this was […] Read More

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