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Book Review- ‘Stormflod 1825’ by B. Poulsen

By Martin Bellamy

The Limfjord is Denmark’s largest fjord and separates the northern tip of Jutland from the rest of the country. This shallow waterway is 180 kilometres long and prior to 1825 it had access to the open sea only through an outlet to the Kattegat on its eastern side. In February 1825, a major North Sea […] Read More

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Notes:-Whaler versus Steamer: The pursuit of the Ville de Bordeaux, 1841

By Ian Rodger

The Ville de Bordeaux  was built in Bordeaux in 1836–7 as a man of war for the Brazilian navy. When payment was not forth- coming, it was bought by a group of business- men headed by a M. David and fitted out as a whaler. On 21 February 1837 it embarked on a whaling trip […] Read More

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Documents:-The Letters of Commander John Corbett, 1855–1857

By David Peretz

This is an account of two years in the life of (then) Commander John Corbett, constructed from his letters sent home, his sketches and paintings, and contemporary newspaper reports. It starts with the shipwreck of HMS Wolverene in the Caribbean in 1855 and his subsequent court martial in Bermuda. It continues with the commissioning of […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Ships of the Chester River: Shipbuilding on the Dee from Chester to the Point of Ayr 1800–1942’ by R. Martin

By Fred M. Walker

This is a detailed and well-researched analysis of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century shipbuilding on the River Dee at Chester and at small ports on the western bank of the Dee Estuary. These ports are all in the former Welsh county of Flintshire, now merged into Clwyd. Ship construction flourished here in six or seven different […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Greenwich and its Lost Hospitals: Havens of maritime welfare’ by G. C. Cook

By Brian Vale

Professor Cook is a distinguished physician with international experience. Since 2002, he has served as honorary archivist to the Seamen’s Hospital Society (SHS), and it is in this appointment that the genesis of this book lies. The SHS was a charitable institution founded in 1821 to provide medical services to seamen. It operated from three […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The War Against the Pirates: British and American suppression of Caribbean piracy in the early nineteenth century’ by B. Gough andC. Borras

By Benjamin Arnstrong

The recent rise in piracy studies has moved the history of maritime crime and oceanic security beyond the popular history or swashbuckling romantic tales of misunderstood men and women on the seven seas. Examinations of the economics of piracy, the motivations of individual sailors and captains, and how these actors related to the wider issues […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Before the Battlecruiser: The big cruiser in the world’s navies 1865–1910’ by A. Dodson

By Innes McCartney

In a book which could at first sight be considered a detailed history of the armoured cruiser, it says much of the comprehensive nature of the author’s research that this type of warship is not mentioned in the title. In fact to have done so would have been inaccurate, because the book examines a broader […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Royal Navy, China Station: 1861–1941’ by J. Parkinson

By Howard J. Fuller

Subtitled ‘A History as seen through the careers of the Commanders in Chief’, this important new work notes that it was not until April 1864 that China was noted for the first time as a separate station from its prior connection to East India. By then Britain had fought and won its two ‘Opium’ wars […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Ungentle Goodnights: Life in a home for elderly and disabled naval sailors and marines and the perilous seafaring careers that brought them there’ by C. McKee

By Sarah Goldberger

‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’. The subjects of Christopher McKee’s Ungentle Goodnights, the pensioned sailors at the US Naval Asylum in Philadelphia, were an intractable population that raged well into their twilight. The asylum ‘beneficiaries’, as McKee describes them, were not passive old men, but they fought with authorities and each other, […] Read More

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Book Review-‘John Rae, Arctic Explorer: The unfinished autobiography’ by W. Barr (ed.)

By Tom Muir

I have long been aware of John Rae’s unfinished autobiography, which is held in the collection of the Scott Polar Research Institute, but have not had the pleasure of reading it, until now. As exhibitions officer with the Orkney Museum I was able to access the manuscript through an intern from the National Museums Scotland […] Read More

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