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Book Review-‘After the Lost Franklin Expedition: Lady Franklin and John Rae’ by P. Baxter

By Tom Muir

It seems that Dr John Rae is a popular fellow, as on the back of his unfinished autobiography comes this new book by Peter Baxter. To recap the story, it contrasts the adventures of the Orkney-born Arctic explorer, Rae (1813–93), and veteran Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin. It was Rae who first discovered the fate […] Read More

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Book Review-Salcombe Schooner Port: A maritime history of Salcombe and its merchant sailing vessels in the nineteenth century’ by R. Barrett

By Cathryn Pearce

Roger Barrett is curator of Salcombe Maritime Museum. He has an immense depth of knowledge about the area, having also been a station manager at Prawle Point National Coastwatch Station. He is the author of three previous works, Prawle Point and the Coast between Start Point and Salcombe Bar, Start Point and its Lighthouse: History, […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Kaiser’s Battlefleet: German capital ships, 1870–1918’ by A. Dodson

By Harold N. Boyer

In this study of German capital ships from 1871 to 1918 Aidan Dodson, senior research fellow at University of Bristol, has provided one of the few English-language monographs on this subject. This is a highly detailed study of the design and use of these ships, from the advent of the Prussian navy in 1871 down […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Captain’s Wife, by A. Eames

By Helen Doe

The opportunities in the nineteenth century for women to go to sea were restricted. Merchant sailing ships had limited accommodation since naturally the major space was for cargo. Living accommodation was cramped and all the crew, except the master/captain, shared quarters. The master, by tradition, had a separate space and thus master’s wives could be […] Read More

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Book Review-‘From Cabin ‘Boys’ to Captains: 250 years of women at sea by’ J. Stanley

By Katherine Parker

With the integration of women in the active-duty Royal Navy in the early 1990s, it seemed the UK had finally gained gender equity in the maritime workplace. Not so, concludes Jo Stanley in From Cabin ‘Boys’ to Captains: 250 Years of Women at Sea. Stanley finds that progress for women in the merchant navy and […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Georges Baudoux’s Jean M’Baraï : The Trepang fisherman’ translated by K. Speedy

By Clifford J. Pereira

Karin Speedy has built on her previous academic works and experience in translating to bring Francophone Pacific literature to an English-speaking audience. In the introduction, Speedy makes the point that the Pacific had its own lingua franca prior to the arrival of Europeans, and suggests that the engagement of Malayo-Polynesian speakers by the so-called early […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Whale Factory Ships and Modern Whaling 1881–2016’ by I. Hart

By Arthur G. Credland

The author of this book has already written two important works on the Antarctic whale fisheries and this volume provides an overview of factory whaling, both north and south. A lengthy historical introduction gives us details of the Norwegian pioneers of modern whaling, individuals such as Svend Foyn and C. A. Larsen. Starting with makeshift […] Read More

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Book Review-‘British Campaigns in the South Atlantic 1805–1807: Operations in the Cape and the River Plate and their consequences’ by J. D. Grainger

By Elizabeth C. Libero

Prolific military historian John D. Grainger recounts a fascinating set of campaigns in this straightforward narrative of Britain’s rapid conquest of the Cape of Good Hope and the ‘hare-brained’ attack on Buenos Aires shortly after (p. ix). In keeping with his books on the ancient Parthians, Britain’s fight against Vichy France, and early twentieth-century Syria, […] Read More

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Book Review-‘British Expeditionary Warfare and the Defeat of Napoleon, 1793–1815’ by R. K. Sutcliffe

By Janet Macdonald

This book had its origins in the author’s doctoral thesis, and as one might suppose, is extensively researched. Though this is not always the case with theses, it is also well written. Its main area of concentration is the work of the Transport Board and how this contributed to British efforts in the French Revolutionary […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Cinnnamon and Elephants: Sri Lanka and the Netherlands from 1600’ by L. Wagenaar

By Guido vun Meersbergen

th Asia, Africa, and South America commissioned by the Rijksmuseum. Cinnamon and Elephants documents the fascinating story of the Dutch East India Company’s presence in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as well as its nineteenth-century aftermath. The volume is as much an accessible and up-to-date overview of the VOC’s commercial, diplomatic, […] Read More

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