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Dorothea Duff: Female seafaring pioneer or serial fantasist?

By Frank Scott

This short note explores the life and alleged sea faring adventures of Dorothea Duff in the early 20th century.  The author suggests that contrary to Duff’s claims of having served before the mast on two square riggers sailing from Australia to the UK, the evidence suggests she actually travelled as a passenger. The author also […] Read More

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The Archaeology of Second World War U-boat Losses in the English Channel and its Impact on the Historical Record

By Innes McCartney

This article examines how the archaeological record of 33 U-boats sunk in the English Channel during the Inshore Campaign, June 1944 to May 1945, compares with the assessment of U-boat destructions made by the Admiralty’s Anti U-boat Division (AUBD) in 1946. Comparison of the two shows an accuracy rate of 57 per cent across the […] Read More

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Delayed Adjustment: Economic crisis, political change and state intervention in the Spanish shipbuilding industry, about 1975–1990

By Jesus M. Valdaliso

This article seeks to explain the impact of the international shipping crisis of the 1970s on the Spanish shipbuilding industry (then the third biggest in Europe after Sweden and Germany) and the responses to the crisis given by the state and by shipyards. It contributes to the literature on the decline of merchant shipbuilding in […] Read More

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The Battle of Jutland, Through a Looking-glass

By Derek Nudd

The German High Seas Fleet’s sorties in strength after the battle of Jutland were few and inconclusive, but as a ‘fleet in being’ it remained a powerful threat. Britain’s Admiralty, alive to the tactical issues thrown up by Jutland’s titanic clash, was anxious to learn what had gone wrong. Luckily for the British, German veterans […] Read More

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Note: A Statistical Analysis of Scottish-built Ships 1850–2009

By Ian Buxton

A statistical analysis of trends in Scottish ship production from 1850 – 2009 based on data extracted from the British Shipbuilding Database.  The data discriminates between merchant ships and warships, construction material, tonnage and propulsion, and is split into Scotland’s three principal shipbuilding regions: Upper Clyde: Rutherglen–Bowling, Lower Clyde: Dumbarton westward and SW and NW […] Read More

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Note: The Selsey Fishing Fleet

By Peter Thomson

A short history of the West Sussex town of Selsey, its fishing industry and fleet from the sixteenth century to the present day. Read More

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Note: ‘The Battle of the Atlantic’: A legend deconstructed

By Eric Grove

The ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ is a powerful legend. Throughout the war, it is said, a ‘battle’ raged as the Germans mounted a near decisive attack on the shipping that lay at the heart of the Allied war effort. The U-boat was the chief instrument. Convoys were consistently attacked with heavy losses inflicted by U-boat […] Read More

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Danish Modernist Architecture and Furniture Design in Passenger Ship Interiors 1935–1965

By Bruce Peter

Since the 1960s Denmark has become internationally renowned for its architecture and design output. The work of Danish modernist architects and designers working on terra firma is very well known, but very little has been written about their influence on the design of merchant ships. This article examines the manifestation of Danish architectural modernism in […] Read More

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The Convoy System in the Mid-Atlantic, 1917–1918

By Augusto Salgado

When in February 1917 Germany started the unrestricted submarine campaign, the number of merchant ships sunken by U-boats increased, reaching its peak in April that year. From that time the number of vessels sunk started to decrease. However, a more detailed study of the number of ships sunk while navigating the area between the north […] Read More

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Mermaids Ashore: The Norwegian Mermaid Association, 1964–1989

By Stig Tenold and Bård Gram Økland

This article analyses a sometimes forgotten dimension of maritime history: the lives and challenges of those remaining at home. Based on archival data and interviews, we discuss the establishment, growth, decline and dissolution of the Norwegian Mermaid Association (Norges Havfrueforbund), an organization of seamen’s wives. We place the history of the association in a broader […] Read More

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