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In Defence of Home Waters: Doctrine and Training in the Canadian Navy during the 1930s

By Michael Whitby

The Royal Canadian Navy’s small, but elite destroyer force trained with the Royal Navy during the interwar period for anticipated defense of home waters. Read More

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Note: A Yangtsze Diversion, 1937

By Alan Reid

The background to the Sino-Japanese Incident of 1937 is established, and a personal account given. Read More

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The Hosken Family Papers: a Naval Genealogy

By Margot & Alex Tyrrell

The Hosken papers describe a naval genealogy spanning the late 18th century to the mid 20th century and an area of action almost as wide as the British Empire. The article is intended primarily to reveal the richness of the papers as a historical source. It outlines the family’s connection with the Royal navy through […] Read More

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Note: Hertford House – the Naval Intelligence Geographical Section and Peace Conference Planning 1917-1919

By Eric Goldstein

The development of the intelligence gathering department under Admiral Reginald Hall into planning for peace is described, and the importance of gathering information for use in post-war negotiations explained. Read More

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Changes to the Waterfront of Dartmouth 1000 to 1970

By Mark Martin

The paper traces the series of dramatic changes along the waterfront of Dartmouth, England over the last thousand years, as areas of waterway were reclaimed for agriculture, shipping and finally civic and commercial development. A series of maps and photographs illustrate the town’s expansion across the mud flats and minor waterways that marked its thousand-year […] Read More

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Veteran Warships of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 in World War II

By Richard H. Thompson

A number of naval vessels which were involved in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 remained in service, particularly in training and auxiliary roles, long enough to participate in the Second World War. This happened because between the world wars in the USSR on the one hand shipbuilding had declined and in Japan on the other […] Read More

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The Royal Canadian Navy, 1918-39

By Malcolm MacLeod

Canadian plans after 1918 for a modest navy of cruisers and destroyers succumbed to budgetary and political resistance. Even after a much smaller navy was salvaged, equipped and largely crewed by British warships and personnel, persistent budget cuts reduced the RCN into essentially a naval reserve force. Yet the RCN managed to survive, despite administrative […] Read More

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Voyage in a Kuwait Boom Part II

By Alan Villiers

Continuing on from Part I of this article, Alan Villiers quotes from his journal kept during 18 months sailing with the Arab crew of a Kuwaiti Boom between December 1938 and June 1939. The Bayan was a two-masted, lateen rigged, decked, wooden vessel, carvel built of teak, iron fastened, 85ft in length, 29 ft beam […] Read More

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Sailing with the Arabs

By Alan Villiers.

Account of a five day voyage in a small type of single-masted dhow called a zaroook from Aden, Yemen to Jazan, Saudi Arabia, in 1938It describes how the trip was arranged and includes comments about the Nakhoda (skipper), his crew and the primitive conditions under which they sailed. Also a short technical description of the […] Read More

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The Boats of Lake Menzala, Egypt

By James Hornell

Lake Menzala is a large, shallow backwater lagoon along the seaward margin of the Nile Delta.  Two types of shallow draft small sailing vessels are described, one which carried only cargo and one had accommodations for passengers as well.  The vessels are described as a skimming-dish type typically 12’ to 14’ in length, 5 ½’ […] Read More

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