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Ships of India, 1834 – 1934

By Victor F.L. Millard

This article discusses the vessels of the Indian Navy as the ships of the East India Company were called after 1834. The Company was moving from sail to steam and the specification, construction and service career of several ships are described. Contributions to hostilities in China and the Crimea are recorded. The East India Company’s […] Read More

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The Outrigger Canoes of Madagascar, East Africa, and the Comoro Islands Part I

By James Hornell

The article considers in detail the design and use of canoes in all three locations separately before making comparisons and constructing generalizations. The deployment of primitive sails is described, and throughout, diagrams and a number of photographs are used to make the author’s points. Explanation of the effects of coastal geography on design is given. […] Read More

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A Tentative Definition of Arab Sea Craft

By James Hornell

Hornell attempts to create order and a basis for future classification of this previously chaotic and confusing genre of craft. His two primary Classes are the Square Sterned Vessels comprising the Baghla,Ganja,Samuk,Saiyeh,Jehazi, Mashwa or Machwa, and Jalbuti, and the Double –ended Vessels comprising the Bum, Zaruk, Budani,Hori,and Ballam. Photographs of both classes are present. A […] Read More

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The Fishing Luggers of Hastings Part II

By James Hornell

Following the historical review of fishing boats at Hastings and their construction and rigging methods in Part I, Part II describes the working techniques of remaining Hastings fishing luggers in 1938, both under sail and engine. Methods and equipment for beaching and launching boats to and from a steeply shelving pebble beach are described, including […] Read More

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The Fishing Luggers of Hastings Part I

By James Hornell

The three-masted lug rig appears to have originated in the French auxiliary navy. It also became a favourite with the northern French fishermen and thereby familiar to the coast folk of southern England, who were quick to realize its value and to adapt it to their local requirements. The three masted lugger, thus acquired, remained […] Read More

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The Admiralty Part I Introduction

By Sir Oswyn A. R. Murray

The opening chapter of a volume uncompleted at the time of his death in 1936. Murray was Permanent Secretary of the Admiralty and this describes its organisation, structure, purpose and approach. It administers the Royal Navy “a special community, segregated from the community at large and scattered over the seven seas”. A comprehensive statement of […] Read More

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The Origin of the Junk and Sanpan

By James Hornell

Gone the War Junks, Junks to India and the Persian Gulf. Used longitudinal and transverse bulkheads and state rooms for travelling merchants, long before Europeans, vessels today still retain essential features, even the battered and clumsy ‘Keyting’ sailed to England in 1848. Unlike European, planked frame, many junks no keel or sternpost, forend without meridian […] Read More

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