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Note: Etymology of Swiligee and Squeegee

By William Sayers

Various derivations of these words are examined, from medieval French and terms of the sea.  Sayer’s conclusion is that the sailor removing excess water from his vessel is using the same tool as a kitchen boy in a medieval household. Read More

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Note: Student Strikebreakers: The 1934 West Coast waterfront strikes and the SS Mariposa

By Douglas Sprague

The West Coast strike by longshoremen which affected all shipping was broken by students from college or university. This is a personal account of the cruise of SS Mariposa, crewed by student strikebreakers. Read More

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Note: A British Account of the Action off Cape Sarych, 1914

By Toby Ewin

By chance a Royal Navy officer was an eyewitness to the engagement between the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the German ships operating with the Ottoman fleet. Read More

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Note:The Galician Lugsail: An old form of fore-and-aft sail

By Jesús Blanco-García

An explanation of the characteristics of the lugsail still used in Galicia Read More

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Document: ‘A Distinct Point in Modern Naval Tactics’

By Simon Harley

These are claimed to be the first written orders for a squadron going into battle, taking every eventuality into account. Read More

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Gas Lion: The first Clyde-built gas carrier and a micocosm of Norwegian shipping

By Stig Tenold

This article, based on primary sources in Norway and Scotland, tells the history of Gas Lion, the first gas tanker built on the Clyde. The ship was delivered in 1968 from Scotts’ of Greenock to Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi (KGJS), a newly established shipping company from Bergen, Norway. In addition to the history of the ship […] Read More

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Upper Clyde Shipbuilders 1971-2 and Edward Heath’s U-turn: how a united workforce defeated a divided government.

By Roy Foster

This article examines the political crisis resulting from the denial of government financial support for Upper Clyde Shipbuilders in June 1971 and the subsequent reversal of policy. It uses government departmental and Cabinet Office papers to argue that the key turning point came in September 1971 when Lord Rothschild’s Central Policy Review Staff produced its […] Read More

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Old Methods Versus New: a Comparison of Very Large Crude Carrier Construction at Scott Lithgow and Hyundai Heavy Industries, 1970-1977

By J. Y. Kang, Song Kim, Hugh Murphy & Stig Tenold

This article compares and contrasts Very Large Crude Carrier shipbuilding at Scott Lithgow’s Glen shipyard, Port Glasgow, Scotland and Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard, Ulsan, South Korea, initially to the same design, and VLCC shipbuilding in the United Kingdom, 1970–77 in general, at the two other United Kingdom shipyards capable of constructing VLCCs, Swan Hunter on […] Read More

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Document: ‘I was at the helm when Preussen ran aground’

By courtesy of Rolf C.F. Warming

This newly translated memoir is a detailed first-hand account of the demise of the Preussen beneath the chalk cliffs of Dover. Read More

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Measuring Britain’s Merchant Shipbuilding Output in the Twentieth Century

By Ian Buxton, Roy Fenton & Hugh Murphy

This article reports on work done to arrive at a reliable estimate of British shipbuilding output in the twentieth century. Three datasets are considered: the annual figures of the Shipbuilding Conference, those of Lloyd’s Register and those of the British Shipbuilding Database (BSD). Differences between the figures are explored and reconciliation attempted by examining the […] Read More

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