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Note: The Use of Benchmarks in the Popular Reporting of Commercial Shipping: Is the Titanic an appropriate measure to convey the size of a modern ship?

By Paul Stott

A discussion of the use of often meaningless benchmarks by which to measure size and weight, and a suggestion as to which would be meaningful comparators. Read More

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Note: Parbuckling

By William Sayers

The origins of the word ‘parbuckle’ are examined together with its variants Read More

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Note: An Influential Membership: the Society for Nautical Research 1911-1913

By Hugh Murphy and Derek J. Oddy

This description of the early membership of the Society notes the proportions of naval members as opposed to those of the legal and academic professions, with shipowners and shipbuilders also important. Read More

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Note: The Royal Dockyard Schools and their Education System

By Frank E. King

The education of shipyard apprentices evolved in response to the need of the yards for skilled workmen in different categories.  This Note outlines the careers of the apprentices who did best in the examinations, and who therefore progressed to the next level of employment.  What was taught is outlined as well as how it was […] Read More

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Competition in the Merchant Steamship Market, 1889-1914

By David Humphreys

The merchant steamship market in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was dominated by the UK shipbuilding industry but past studies have portrayed a market characterized by the strong relationships between UK shipbuilders and shipowners where competition between firms was the exception rather than the rule. The objective of this article is to shed […] Read More

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HIJMS Wakamiya and the Early Development of Japanese Naval Air Power

By Jonathan Parkinson

The British merchant steamship Lethington was captured by the Japanese in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese War, converted into a seaplane tender in 1914 and then transformed into the aircraft carrier Wakamiya in 1920. At Tsingtao in September 1914 she became the first vessel in history to handle naval aircraft in action. This paper examines the early moves by the […] Read More

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Obituary: Michael K. Stammers AMA FSA

By Campbell McMurray

Mike Stammers, who died in January 2013, will be best known as the first Keeper of Maritime History at Merseyside County Museums and from 1986 Keeper of Merseyside Maritime Museum. Mike also served on the Board of Trustees of NMM Cornwall, was a member of the original National Historic Ships Committee, and served on the […] Read More

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Note: Paucity of Shipwrights in Royal Naval Dockyards during the Second World War

By Frank E. King

This account details an attempt to improve the quality and number of shipwright apprenticeships during the second world war.  It details the numbers involved, the examination results obtained  by the candidates and reasons for the candidates choosing other trades.  It was written as the result of personal experience. Read More

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Note: Some Clarifications But Yet More Questions Regarding the Early Days of the New Zealand Frozen-meat Trade

By Hugh Murphy and Derek J. Oddy

The authors revisit the work they did earlier on the business interests of Sir James Caird, and explore the published accounts of Turnbull, Martin & Co at the end of the nineteenth century.   Read More

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