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The Society Annual Lecture 2008: The Sea and British National Identity

By Brian Lavery

The author reflects on the sea and the British national identity by considering the two most recent occasions when Britain was threatened with invasion, by Napoleon and Hitler, dispelling some of the myths and drawing certain conclusions, including his belief that survival has imbued the British with a lasting self-respect. The author seems less concerned […] Read More

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy

“The Empire Strikes Back”: the Falklands/Malvinas Campaigns of 1982

By Philip Pugh

The chronology of the Falklands war is recounted with comments on logistical and operational constraints. Historical conclusions arising from the campaign, their intrinsic interest and current relevance are discussed. The ability of navies to maintain a global reach has not been seriously addressed or lessons learned. Expeditionary warfare is expensive. Carrier borne aircraft were unable […] Read More

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Naval Aviation | Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy | Submarines | Weapons

Exodus Explained: the Fate of Ships Sold from Norway, 1970–1987

By Stig Tenold

From 1977 to 1987 the Norwegian merchant marine declined by almost 80 per cent by tonnage. This article describes the reasons for the collapse, and argues that there were two primary causes: first, the post-OPEC shipping crisis forced numerous Norwegian owners to sell ships; second, the high cost of registering in Norway pushed some ships […] Read More

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Dutch Whaling after the Second World War: Private Initiative and State Involvement

By Jaap R. Bruijn

The activities of the Dutch in entering the whale-catching industry in what was to be the declining years of the industry are set out comprehensively. In a period when oils and fats were in short supply after World War 2, to the change in demand away from whale oil to vegetable oil, coupled with the […] Read More

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Subjects include: Whaling & Fishing

Scotts of Greenock, and Naval Procurement 1960–77

By Hugh Murphy

This article details the changing relationship between the Navy and the ship building industry which no longer relied on naval orders. Once the demand for merchant shipping fell away, Scotts were in need of naval orders. The orders for further nuclear submarines was the catalyst for a series of memoranda which document the thinking behind […] Read More

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Subjects include: Administration | Harbours & Dockyards | Shipbuilding & Design | Submarines

‘They All Got Off Except the Ship’: Captain Hastings and the Howe

By Ernest W. Toy

This article begins with the early career of Captain Hastings, before explaining why he and his command were off Spain in 1982. The fact that the reef upon which Howe grounded was uncharted was accepted at the courtmartial, but her failure to turn as swiftly as the Royal Sovereign was the cause of her grounding. […] Read More

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Subjects include: Biography | Navies | Ship Handling & Seamanship

The Mutiny on the Javelin

By Peter Daniel

This is a participant’s account of events on the destroyer HMS Javelin, captained by Lieutenant-Commander Marjoribanks, which patrolled the Mediterranean from February 1945. In September 1946, following months of perceived ill-treatment and disproportionate punishments meted out by the Captain, the crew mutinied and refused to obey orders. After a well-respected crew member was arrested for […] Read More

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Subjects include: Biography | Manpower & Life at Sea | Navies

Working a Thames Sailing Barge Circa 1950

By Peter Thompson

Written in 1995 to celebrate the centenary of the launch of the Thames Barge Sailing Club’s Centaur, this article is based on the oral history of her last-but-one skipper to have her in trade, Stan Yeates, and covers the years 1949-52. By then such barges worked the Thames Estuary and along the adjacent coasts of […] Read More

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Subjects include: Administration | Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Logistics | Manpower & Life at Sea | Ship Handling & Seamanship

Exeter Maritime Museum: the Museum of the Evolved Boat

By David Goddard

The story of the life and times of the Exeter Maritime Museum and the good work undertaken by actual on-water trials of a wide range of craft from all parts of the world.   Some surprising results are recorded. Read More

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Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Leisure & Small Craft

The Rise and Fall of the Monitor 1862-1973

By Richard H. Thompson

The monitor displayed a process of evolution from Ericsson’s original concept through the big British monitors of the World Wars to the Zippos of Vietnam. Because it was capable of development, the monitor was important in the evolution of the battleship and other surface combat types. The monitor meantime, continues to have an independent existence […] Read More

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Veteran Warships of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 in World War II

By Richard H. Thompson

A number of naval vessels which were involved in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 remained in service, particularly in training and auxiliary roles, long enough to participate in the Second World War. This happened because between the world wars in the USSR on the one hand shipbuilding had declined and in Japan on the other […] Read More

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Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Navies

Maritime Art in an Islamic Context: Oculus and Therion in Lamu Ships

By A. H. J. Prins

Uses decorations aboard ships in the Lamu archipelago off Kenya during the 1950s and 1960s to carry out a sociological study of how particular elements of maritime art reflect Islamic norms. The Lamu fleet of over 200 lateen rigged merchant vessels and 100 fishing boats provides rich material as decoration of ships was highly popular […] Read More

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