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Book Review-‘Freeing the Baltic’ by G. Bennett

By Steven Balbirnie

The author, Captain Geoffrey Bennett (1908–1983), served briefly as Britain’s naval attaché to Moscow after Stalin’s death in 1953. He published a number of naval histories upon his retirement, including studies of the First World War battles of Coronel and Jutland. This is the third edition of this book, which was originally published under the […] Read More

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Note: The Ability of Steam Powered Sailing Battleships to go to Windward

By Basil Greenhill and Ann Gifford

An account of the engagement between British forces in the Gulf of Finland and the Russian navy, leading to a discussion of the handling of early steam-assisted screw propelled vessels. Read More

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Note: The Battle of the Yalu: Lessons for the British Navy?

By John Davies

The lessons in strategy and tactics which this battle offered the observers in Britain concentrated on the importance of well trained officers and men, whereas the advantages of speed and quick-firing guns, side armour and manoeuvrability were not discussed. Read More

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