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Book review:-‘The German High Seas Fleet, 1914–1918: The Kaiser’s challenge to the Royal Navy’ by A. Konstam

By Eric C. Rust

At first glance this work, the second instalment in a series called Fleets, resembles a miniature coffee-table book with its lush layout and oversized illustrations on glossy paper. Closer analysis, however, reveals it to be a concise yet highly competent and for the most part well-balanced introduction to Germany’s Hochseeflotte of capital ships in the […] Read More

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Book Review:- ‘The Petrol Navy: British, American and other motor boats at war 1914–1920’ by S. R. Dunn

By David Bowen

Think of motorboats at war in the twentieth century and most of us would visualize the exploits and characteristics of the E-boats, motor torpedo boats (MTBs), and patrol torpedo boats (PTs) of the Second World War. It is therefore surprising to discover that these in fact had their genesis in the petrol-powered fast and light […] Read More

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Distant but Close Observers: The officers of the Argentine navy and the First World War

By Agustín Daniel Desiderato

This article identifies and analyses the observations, readings, and opinions that Argentine navy officers made about the First World War. It reveals that, although they did not directly take part in war operations, they were active observers of the conflict. These men carried out an intensive intellectual dialogue in books and articles, pointing out the […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘Years of Endurance: Life aboard the battlecruiser ‘Tiger’ 1914–16’ by J. R. Muir

By David Bowen

The voice of the author speaks to us across nearly a century as he recounts his previous naval service during the First World War as a medical officer, principally his two years on the battlecruiser HMS Tiger where he experienced first-hand the Dogger Bank action in 1915 and the Jutland battle in 1916. This new […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘Harwich Submarines in the Great War: The first submarine campaign of the Royal Navy in 1914’ by M. Harris

By Richard Channon

On 31 July 1914 12 D and E class ‘overseas’ submarines of the 8th Submarine Flotilla of the Royal Navy arrived at Harwich as part of the prescient deployment of the entire fleet to its planned war stations. They were accompanied by their depot ships Maidstone and Adamant and were joined four days later by […] Read More

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Naval Interrogations of PoWs in the Black Sea War, 1914 and 1916

By Toby Ewin

This article describes two cases where prisoners of war captured in the 1914–17 Black Sea naval conflict were interrogated. In the first case a captured Russian naval officer witnessed an operationally significant event after his interrogation, and covertly reported this via a coded letter. The second case, of an Armenian engineer, reflected a wider Russian […] Read More

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Bloody Orkney? A comparison of the perceptions held by sailors and the reality of leisure and recreational opportunities at Scapa Flow during the First World War

By Ian Watson

Abstract Scapa Flow became the primary naval base for the main Royal Navy fleet during the First World War. The ‘newness’ of Scapa as a naval base meant that it lacked any of the leisure and recreational opportunities that the ‘home’ naval ports, such as Portsmouth, offered. This led to Scapa gaining a reputation as […] Read More

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Book Review-‘British Naval Intelligence Through the Twentieth Century’ by A. Boyd

By David Bowen

This book comes off the press with a fanfare of praise from leading historians. Its publication is quite simply a major event. It will single-handedly stimulate our greater interest and deeper understanding of naval events of the last century. It will inform the serious study of the academic, yet reward and delight a wider readership.. Read More

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Book Review-‘The War Lords and the Gallipoli Disaster: How globalized trade led Britain to its worst defeat of the First World War’ by N. A. Lambert,

By Matthew S. Seligmann

The declared aim of this book is to advance a new and explicitly revisionist analysis of the genesis of the Gallipoli campaign, the un-successful 1915 Allied assault, exclusively naval at first but subsequently also amphibious, on the narrow straits connecting the Medi-terranean to the Black Sea. This is not an under-researched area, a fact that […] Read More

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Book Review-‘How Carriers Fought’ by L. Celander

By David Bowen

While the tentative naval aerial operations of the First World War and the next two decades’ experiments and exercises had embedded the concept of sea-borne aviation, and even though steps had been taken by three major naval powers to equip their navies and devise potential tactics, it was only during the furious, testing years of […] Read More

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