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The Watch on the Danube: the British Naval Mission in Serbia: 1914–1916

By Charles Fryer

Following the declaration of war on Serbia by Austria-Hungary in the Summer of 1914, the French, Russian and British navies sent small detachments and a few shore batteries to assist Serbia in defending itself from incursions down the Save and Danube Rivers.  The initial British detachment consisted of a single individual, Rear-Admiral Sir Ernest Troubridge.  […] Read More

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The Life and Death of an Edwardian Flagship: a Case Study of H.M.S. Bulwark

By Stuart R. Ball

The design of HMS Bulwark, launched in 1899, was a response to a perceived threat from France and Germany. One of three she was an ‘improved’ or ‘modified’ Formidable Class. These late Victorian ships conformed to a successful ‘standard battleship class’ established in the late 1880s. She served for many years as Flagship in the […] Read More

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“Most Obedient and Devoted Servants” Some Correspondence of Certain British Naval Persons with Kaiser Wilhelm II

By K.M. Wilson & A. Goodearl

An article based on letters from two Royal Navy officers to Kaiser Wilhelm between 1908 and 1912. At a time of growing Ango-German rivalry, the correspondence of Rear Admiral Victor Montagu and Captain Mark Kerr reflected a more emollient strand of British opinion. The authors’ intention is to show that the Kaiser set some store […] Read More

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The Naval Campaigns of Lakes Victoria and Nyasa, 1914 – 18

By John MacKenzie

This article studies the lacustrine campaigns on and about Lakes Victoria and Nyanza during 1914 – 18.     There is a review of the regional geography.   The long-term and continuing importance of water transport is emphasised.     The political, commercial, missionary and military operations before, during and after the German defence of their colonial possessions are examined.    […] Read More

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The Warrior’s Story

By Michael N. Jackson

The Warrior was a twin-screw triple expansion yacht built for F.W. Vanderbilt in Glasgow by G.L. Watson. From her launch in 1904 until she was sunk by 50 German fighter-bombers in 1940, with the loss of only one life, she had a remarkable career. Requisitioned by the US Navy in WWI after the sinking of […] Read More

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The Tanganika Naval Expedition of 1915-16

By John MacKenzie

During WWI the British gunboats, Mimi and Toutou, were deployed on Lake Tanganika with British Admiralty approval and Belgian Government consent and co-operation. They were shipped to Cape Town, taken by rail to Fungurume, 140 miles overland to Sankisia and then on to Tanganika by rail. The rival ambitions of the British and Belgians for […] Read More

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Note: Convoy Sloop 1917-1918 Part 3

By W.E. May

More adventures of this young officer in the Mediterranean. Read More

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Note: Convoy Sloop 1917-1918 Part 2

By W.E. May

The further adventures of a young lieutenant in a sloop at war disguised as a merchant vessel. Read More

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Note: Convoy Sloop 1917-1918 Part 1

By W.E. May

The diary account of a very junior sub-lieutenant in a convoy sloop in the Mediterranean. Read More

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The Battle of Jutland – An Appreciation Given at the Annual Jutland Dinner in HMS Warrior on 25 May 1978

By Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten

The Earl Mountbatten joined the Royal Navy’s Battle Cruiser Fleet six weeks after the Battle of Jutland. His 1978 address to the annual Jutland Dinner analyses the course and consequences of the Battle, including the Fleet’s comparative weakness against enemy fire. The address draws on personal observations and on presentations by Jellicoe, Sir Charles Morgan […] Read More

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