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The Operational Impact of the Loss of HMS Paragon in the Straits of Dover, 17 March 1917

By Eamonn Welch

In early 1917, the torpedo boat destroyer HMS Paragon was part of the Dover Patrol, then subject to repeated raids by German destroyers. Its history is normally consigned to a few, often inaccurate, short sentences, in which it is implied that it had an almost supine role in the action in which it was lost. This article […] Read More

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HM Steam Yacht Venetia: A luxury yacht in Royal Navy service, 1914–1919

By Ian Beckwith

This article tells the story of the steam yacht Venetia as seen through the experiences of its fireman, Edward Beckwith. Originally a luxury yacht, Venetia was handed over to the Admiralty in 1914 and took part in the Northern Patrol based in Kirkwall before transferring to Falmouth to take on patrol duties in the Western Approaches to the English […] Read More

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Documents. Two sets of fighting instructions, 1914

By Stephen McLaughlin

The two sets of tactical instructions relate to the defeat at the Battle of Coronel of Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock. Read More

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A Model of HMS Vindictive as Fitted for the Zeebrugge Raid, 1918

By Alistair Roach

HMS Vindictive’s role in the Zeebrugge raid on St George’s day 1918 is well known to First World War naval historians but details of her conversion for the event are difficult to ascertain. The work carried out at Chatham dockyard prior to the raid was shrouded in secrecy with very few details being recorded at […] Read More

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Note: Engineer Captain Nikolai Saczkowski and the Yenisei

By George Bailey OBE

This description of the careers of Engineer Captain Saczkowski and the Yenisei illuminate the period at the start of the first World War when British submarines assisted the Russian Baltic fleet. Read More

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Writing the Battle: Jutland in Sir Julian Corbett’s Naval Operations

By Andrew Lambert

This article examines the origins, development and purpose of Sir Julian Corbett’s account of the controversial battle of Jutland. Naval Operations is seen as an extended analysis of how British strategy was intended to work and why it had failed on this occasion. The argument was carefully constructed to explain the failure without challenging the […] Read More

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The Jutland Paradox: A keynote address

By Eric Grove

The battle of Jutland was a paradox, a massive naval engagement with little result. Thousands of men were lost in an indecisive clash that settled nothing. This account sets out its author’s interpretation of the battle. Key reasons for the battle being indecisive were the contrasting characters of the British Grand Fleet’s commanders. Admiral Jellicoe, […] Read More

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Document: Vice-Admiral Bethell’s Third Fleet Battle Orders, about 1914

By Simon Harley

There is a frightful dearth of battle orders for this period. Those orders that are known to exist relate to the principal British fleet, which was the Home Fleet from 1909 to 1912 then First Fleet of the Home Fleets (1912–1914). Bethell’s orders, never before published, are an important addition to our knowledge of tactical […] Read More

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Note: A British Account of the Action off Cape Sarych, 1914

By Toby Ewin

An account using hitherto unpublished documents, examines the first engagement between the Russian Black Sea fleet and the modern German ships ‘sold’ to the Ottoman empire in 1914. Read More

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Note: Commerce Warfare in the Atlantic, 1917: SMS Moewe

By Robin McNish

An account of the sinking of the SS Otaki by the German SMS Moewe in 1917, written by the son of the chief officer at the time. Read More

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