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Note: Russian Sources on British Naval History, 1900-18

By Prof. D.V. Likharev

A list of the dispatches sent by Russian naval attachés as well as letters and telegrams of the period. The ‘Baltic Project’ was not amongst the subjects covered by the sources. Read More

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Martyr or Pirate? The Case of Captain Fryatt in the Great War

By Dr Alan G. Jamieson

The execution of Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt by the German authorities for attempting to ram a German submarine was treated as a war crime. The article demonstrates the different understanding on both sides of the part played by merchant ships in wartime.   The arming of merchant vessels was contentious, but the Admirlty expected merchant ships […] Read More

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200 Years of Admiralty Charts and Surveys

By Roger Morriss

A scientific cartographer, Dalrymple was meticulous in everything he undertook. His charts were models of clarity and elegance, and as accurate as the surveys on which they were based. Most of the surveying and charting in the first half of the nineteenth century was more in support of trade than of military matters. The final […] Read More

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Jutland, or a Second ‘Glorious First of June’

By Colin Lyle

Since May 31, 1916 few naval battles have been as controversial as Jutland. Who was to blame for the Grand Fleet’s performance: Jellicoe, Beatty, the weather, the ammunition, the time of day/night has been a matter of debate ever since. This article debates several scenarios and asks “What if?” If Jellicoe was hoping to repeat […] Read More

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Note: Hankey on Fisher’s Baltic ‘Chimera’

By Ruddock Mackay

A further discussion as to the extent of Fisher’s obsession with the Baltic as the naval scenario of the future. Read More

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The Foreign Intelligence Committee and the Origins of the Naval Intelligence Department of the Admiralty

By Matthew Allen

The Royal Navy’s weakness in war planning before the First World War is well known. The Naval Intelligence Department of the Admiralty emerged slowly and painfully in the years between 1878 and 1886. Even then, its role was not fully defined until 1902. This paper explores the political processes that led to its establishment and […] Read More

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Note: From Monte Video to Troy, W.L. Byers, Victorian manufacturer and shipowner.

By Betty Nelson Curryer

The swastika cast into a fluke on the German battleship Admiral Graf Spee was not the right-handed Nazi emblem but a left-handed benign relic of the ancient Roman custom. Read More

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Naval Strategy and Industrial Mobilisation at the Twelfth Hour: the Scheer Programme of 1918

By Gary E. Weir

Von Tirpitz, politician and shipbuilder, had an extraordinary impact on German naval thinking. He became the architect of the High Seas Fleet and his strategic ideas took on the nature of holy writ within the naval service. He did not, however, support the research and development of the submarine and Germany started the war with […] Read More

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Canadian Warship Construction 1917-19: The Great Lakes and Upper St. Lawrence Areas

By Daniel G. Harris

By 1917, increasing attacks on allied shipping prompted the British Admiralty to establish patrolled sea lanes which required suitable small vessels. Canada was asked to provide 36 vessels for the Royal Navy and 12 vessels for the Royal Canadian Navy. These latter were the first ships to be exclusively built for Canada; based on the […] Read More

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The Hosken Family Papers: a Naval Genealogy

By Margot & Alex Tyrrell

The Hosken papers describe a naval genealogy spanning the late 18th century to the mid 20th century and an area of action almost as wide as the British Empire. The article is intended primarily to reveal the richness of the papers as a historical source. It outlines the family’s connection with the Royal navy through […] Read More

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