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The Hosken Family Papers: a Naval Genealogy

By Margot & Alex Tyrrell

The Hosken papers describe a naval genealogy spanning the late 18th century to the mid 20th century and an area of action almost as wide as the British Empire. The article is intended primarily to reveal the richness of the papers as a historical source. It outlines the family’s connection with the Royal navy through […] Read More

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German Meteorological Intelligence from the Arctic and North Atlantic,1940-1945

By David Syrett

Progressing from the rather ineffective use of converted trawlers in Arctic waters, through illicit, temporary meteorological stations in (United States protected) East Greenland, to a highly efficient system of weather reporting provided both by dedicated and routine U-boat patrols, German meteorological intelligence from the Arctic and North Atlantic played a significant role in supporting their […] Read More

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The Warrior’s Story

By Michael N. Jackson

The Warrior was a twin-screw triple expansion yacht built for F.W. Vanderbilt in Glasgow by G.L. Watson. From her launch in 1904 until she was sunk by 50 German fighter-bombers in 1940, with the loss of only one life, she had a remarkable career. Requisitioned by the US Navy in WWI after the sinking of […] Read More

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Close Encounters of Another Kind in 1940

By Peter C. Smith

In September 1940 a Vichy French fleet, Force ‘Y’ was dispatched to Dakar which some believe encouraged the French at Dakar to resist. A British Fleet under Admiral Somerville was operating in the area during the French passage and this paper investigates if it could have prevented Force ‘Y’ from reaching Dakar. Evidence shows that […] Read More

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The Rise and Fall of the Monitor 1862-1973

By Richard H. Thompson

The monitor displayed a process of evolution from Ericsson’s original concept through the big British monitors of the World Wars to the Zippos of Vietnam. Because it was capable of development, the monitor was important in the evolution of the battleship and other surface combat types. The monitor meantime, continues to have an independent existence […] Read More

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Wrecks at Methone

By Peter Throckmorton

This provides a report of the excavation of three wrecks in the harbour at the Ionian island of Methone, or Modon. The survey thought it had found the 18 gun brig HMS Columbine which had sunk in 1824, but they had actually surveyed an Austrian brig that had sunk in almost the same position in 1860. The remains of […] Read More

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Note: ‘Gallant Gentlemen’

By E. M. Tenison

This Note provides a biographical profile of Admiral Sir Walter Cowan, who had a very colourful career. He joined the Royal Navy in 1884, served in Africa in the 1890s, commanded a battle cruiser at Jutland, commanded the North American station after the war, became A.D.C. to the King in 1930, and retired in 1939, […] Read More

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Naval Buttons Part I

By Michael Lewis

The story of the naval button starts in 1748, the year when naval uniforms were first introduced. There are but three button designs now uniform for all in the Royal Navy, the Royal Naval Reserve and the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, from the Admiral of the Fleet to rating. One is assigned to Flag officers […] Read More

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