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Book Review-‘German U-Boat Losses During World War II: Details of destruction’ by Axel Niestle

By Marc Milner

Few ‘battles’ lend themselves more to the compilation of data than the Battle of the Atlantic between 1939 and 1945. The ships and aircraft engaged were finite and in many ways easily quantifiable. Warships in particular were the creations of massive modern state bureaucracies, managed and operated by organizations dedicated to recording every conceivable detail […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Battleships of the Bismarck Class’ by Gerhard Koop and Klaus-Peter Schmolke

By Eric C. Rust

This is not a new book. Originally published in Germany in 1990 as part of a series on the technical features of Kriegsmarine capital ships, it was brought out in English in a hardback translation in 1998 by the Naval Institute Press in Annapolis and most recently in paperback in its current version. In the […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Colonial Naval Culture and British Imperialism, 1922–67’ by D. O. Spence

By Stevan Gray

In the Oxford History of the British Empire, published in 1999, Barry M. Gough suggested that ‘the general linkage of navy to empire continues to escape historians’. Since this statement, little appears to have changed, and the oceanic nature of the British Empire is rarely acknowledged for the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Furthermore, very few […] Read More

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Book Review-‘British Aircraft Carriers: Design, development and service histories’ by D. Hobbs

By Eric Grove

Commander David Hobbs is a very well known expert on naval aviation, being a distinguished practitioner in the field as well as an author of well-regarded and important books and articles on the subject. He is also a former curator of the Fleet Air Arm Museum and has been a prominent member of the Society […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Norway Campaign and the Rise of Churchill, 1940′ by A. Dix

By Nick Hewitt

Unfortunately, every so often, some books come along which force the reader to ask the question ‘why on earth was this written?’ It is not so much that The Norway Campaign and the Rise of Churchill is a dreadful book, but rather that it is an unnecessary one, although it must be said that this […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Secret Flotillas: Volume 2: Clandestine sea operations in the western Mediterranean, North Africa and the Adriatic, 1940–1944’ by Brooks Richards

By Derek Law

Sir Francis ‘Brooks’ Richards, was a British diplomat and, during the Second World War, a director of operations for the Special Operations Executive. He was personally involved in some of the operations he here describes as official historian and took part in running agents across the Channel, winning the first of his two DSCs for […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘‘C’ Class Destroyers’ by David Hobbs

By John A. Rodgaard

Commander Hobbs’s latest work is about the Royal Navy’s last mass-produced class of destroyers built toward the end of the Second World War and through the immediate postwar years. They were collectively known as the C class destroyers. Thirty-two ships of the class were built, and they were divided into four groups. They represented the last batch […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Command Decisions: Langsdorff and the battle of the River Plate’ by David Miller

By Eric C. Rust

David Miller has published 70 books, including four in 2001 alone. Chances are that some of his works are better written and more solidly researched than others. His retelling of the German pocket-battleship Admiral Graf Spee’s operations in the southern oceans at the outset of the Second World War, spotlighting the plight of its commanding officer […] Read More

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Book Review-’21st Century Ellis: Operational art and strategic prophecy for the modern era’ edited by B. A. Friedman

By Geoffery Till

The opening blurb in the first of these two books says that the 21st Century Foundations series ‘gives modern perspective to the great strategists and military philosophers of the past, placing their writings, principles, and theories with modern discussions and debates’. The aim is less to supply answers – more to identify questions that will […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Heroes of Coastal Command: The RAF’s maritime war 1939–1945’ by A. D. Bird

By W.J.R.Gardner

The Second World War is rightly seen as a complex matter involving many nations on both sides and multiple theatres from Japan via Europe, Asia and Africa and over to America. The war at sea underpinned virtually all these activities. The interconnectedness of the three main types of warfare is something that became more evident […] Read More

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