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Book Review-‘Picturing the Pacific: Joseph Banks and the shipboard artists of Cook and Flinders’ by J. Taylor

By Katherine Parker

Taylor’s book comes just as institutions, societies and governments are beginning the decade-long process of commemorating the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s three voyages to the Pacific. On 25 August 1768 Cook set out in the Endeavour to view the transit of Venus and search for the unknown southern continent in the South Seas. […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Liverpool and the Slave Trade’ by A. Tibbles

By John C. Appleby

This slim, beautifully illustrated volume is published to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, where the author worked for many years as a curator. Drawing on recent research on the subject, some of which is not widely available, Anthony Tibbles presents a concise account of the […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Transfer Between Sea and Land: Maritime exchanges in the early modern period’ by S. Kahlow (ed.)

By Derek Massarella

This book consists of six chapters and the editor’s introduction. It is the outcome of a workshop held at the Deutsches Schifffahrts-museum in Bremerhaven in 2015 and, as is generally the case with such proceedings, the quality of the contents varies considerably, with a couple of contributions being little more than padding. The editor has […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Ordeal Below Zero: The heroic story of theArctic Convoys in World War II’by G. Blond

By Phil Weir

‘It is unlikely that anyone who sailed on the Arctic convoys will ever forget them. The Seamen, the gunners, the pilots, were drawn from all walks of life, regular servicemen and men who had left their shops and offices and factories to venture across the roof of the world in the teeth of winter and […] Read More

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Book Review-Five Hundred Years of Deptford and WoolwichRoyal Dockyards: Marking the 500th anni -versary of the foundation of the Thames yardsby Henry VIII’ by P. MacDougall (ed.)

By Andy Brockman

The latest volume in the Transactions of the Naval Dockyards Society is not just a valuable addition to the literature of Britain’s maritime history, but also to the ongoing discussions regarding how the development system, as put into practice by local planning authorities and their advisors, balances the need for our living spaces to change […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Seapower States: Maritime culture, continentalempires and the conflict that made the modernworld’ by A. Lambert

By Eric Grove

This is Andrew Lambert’s most ambitious book. In it he sets out an interesting and original thesis that ‘seapower states’ have been the result of the ambitions of an oligarchic elite, based on maritime commerce and the revenues obtained therefrom. In such powers commercial classes are given significant power and naval power is given priority […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Vast Expanses: A history of the oceans’ by H. M. Rozwadowski,

By Jamin Wells

Historians interested in the briny part of the world have had ranging discussions about ‘iron men’ and ‘wooden ships’, sea captain’s wives and motley crews, fishers, whalers, smugglers, and scientists, pirates and navies, ports, seaside resorts, Atlantic Worlds and Pacific Imaginaries. Yet only in the past few years has the sea itself begun to be […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Naval Advising and Assistance: History, challenges and analysis’ by D. Stoker and M. T. McMaster (eds)

By Richard Harding

The recent interest in asymmetric warfare is a reminder that the means of conflict are constantly changing. Operations short of formal warfare are constant and in flux as opportunities arise and are exploited. Nations are constantly preparing for escalation, hedging against it by seeking new avenues to advance their interests and making preparations to shape […] Read More

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Book Review-‘SS ‘Great Britain’: Brunel’s ship, her voyages, passengers and crew’ by H. Doe

By Graem J. Milne

Helen Doe makes clear from the outset that her book is not intended to repeat or replace the classic technical work on Great Britain by Ewan Corlett. Rather she uses a wide range of sources to put the ship, its owners, crew and passengers in wider context, making some intriguing connections and revealing the complicated […] Read More

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Book Review-O’er the Wide and Tractless Sea: Original art of the Yankee whale hunt’ by M. P. Dyer

By Arthur G. Credland

This volume hints at the riches of the collections in the New Bedford Museum, which incorporating those of the former Kendall Whaling Museum, Boston, has a remarkably comprehensive coverage of whaling images and artefacts. Though of course the bulk of the material concerns the American whale fishery, including an outstanding array of scrimshaw work, it […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘A Low Set of Blackguards: The East India Company and its maritime service 1600–1834, vol. 2, Triumph and Decline 1708–1834’ by A. B. McLeod

By A. B. McLeod

This second volume of the history of the East India Company is a tour de force from this experienced narrator (R Woodman) … it is a mammoth page-turner in which the reader is constantly drawn onwards by the unfolding dramas of the time and places revealed. Woodman’s text details the trials and tribulations of Company […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Feeding Globalization: Madagascar and the provisioning trade, 1600–1800’ by John McAleer

By John McAleer

In 1798 Benjamin Stout, the captain of an American merchant ship which had apparently been shipwrecked off the southern coast of Africa two years earlier, wrote approvingly of Madagascar, describing it as ‘one of the largest and finest islands in the world’. Indeed, he was astonished that ‘no European power hath as yet made a […] Read More

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