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Book Review – ‘Dutch Sources on South Asia c. 1660–1825, vol. 4, Mission to Madurai: Dutch embassies to the Nayaka court of Madurai in the seventeenth century’ by Markus Vink

By Anjana Singh

The volume reviewed is part of a series on Dutch sources on South Asia which originally began in 2001 as a bibliography and guide to all Dutchlanguage materials on the subject that are available in the National Archives at The Hague. The series editors and contributors hold the noble aim of making it possible for […] Read More

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The Afterlife of the Ostend Company, 1727–1745

By Gijs Dreijer

The Generale Keijzerlijcke Indische Compagnie, known as the Ostend Company or GIC, was a short-lived but very successful chartered company based in the Southern Netherlands between 1722 and 1727. Despite the high profits from the Chinese tea trade, the Habsburg Emperor Charles VI was forced to retract its charter in 1727 under Dutch and English […] Read More

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Note: The Use of Chronometers to Determine Longitude on East India Company Voyages

By Simon C. Davidson

Evidence that a chronometer was used on early commercial voyages to determine longitude. Read More

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The Royal Yacht Henrietta of 1679: Identification and Principal Dimensions

By Kelvin Moneypenny & Dorin Paul Bucur

In 2012 the attention of the authors was drawn to a pen-and-ink drawing in the style of the Van de Veldes. This paper sets out to identify the subject of this drawing as the Henrietta yacht of 1679. It then proceeds to define the main dimensions of Henrietta and in particular that she was built with a more upright […] Read More

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Managing a Global Enterprise in the Eighteenth Century: Anthony Calvert of The Crescent, London, 1777–1808

By Gary Sturgess and Ken Cozens

Camden, Calvert & King, a major London shipping firm of the late eighteenth century, was one of the first medium-sized enterprises in Britain to operate on a global scale. They are well known to historians of the African slave trade and Australian convict transportation, but they also sent vessels to the Continent and the Americas, […] Read More

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A Winter in Yalong Bay

By Stephen Davies

In December 1784 the two ships of the last voyage of the Swedish East India Company’s Third Charter wintered in Yalong Bay on the south coast of Hainan Island, China. This was an unusual event and someone in one of the ships involved, the Gustaf Adolph, chose to commemorate the experience with a variety of China […] Read More

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‘This Great Complex Concern’: Victualling the Royal Navy on the East Indies Station, 1780–1815

By Martin Wilcox

The East Indies station was the largest and most challenging area in which the Royal Navy operated during the long eighteenth century. Although operations on the station are well understood, its administration has until recently been the subject of little research. This article, which builds upon work by the author on the victualling of the […] Read More

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‘Eminent Service’: War, Slavery and the Politics of Public Recognition in the British Caribbean and the Cape of Good Hope c. 1782–1807

By John McAleer

The presentation of gifts to successful naval officers in recognition of their achievements provides insights into the political and commercial priorities of those who made the presentations. Many of these ‘objects of esteem’ are in the National Maritime Museum. They provide important insight into the social and economic context and the motives of the donors, […] Read More

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From Calm to Storm: the Origins of the Beaufort Wind Scale

By Dennis Wheeler and Clive Wilkinson

A sample of 2,700 in Royal Navy eighteenth century logbooks was examined to show that terminology describing wind strengths gradually became standardised during the century. Analysis shows that by 1800 terminology to record wind strengths was evolving and becoming increasingly detailed but that use of adjectives to qualify the term “gale” was not yet standard. […] Read More

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Between Newfoundland and the Malacca Strait: a Survey of the Golden Age of Piracy, 1695-1725

By Arne Bialuschewskia

In terms of the intensity of activity the thirty years between 1695 and 1725 were the “Golden Age” of piracy afloat. Early modern piracy flourished because it offered material gains rather than being a proletarian reaction to harsh working conditions at sea. Three widely-separated areas saw intense activity in turn between 1695 and 1725: the […] Read More

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