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The Voyage of the Pitt – a Turning Point in East India Navigation

By R. P. Crowhust

In 1758-9 East India ship Pitt, under the command of Captain Wilson, sailed through Java and New Guinea, a route that had been closed to the British ships since 1623. The Pitt was more heavily built compared to other merchantmen as she served as an escort ship to convoys while carrying her cargo back to […] Read More

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An East India Captain: the Early Career of Captain Richard Swanley

By M.C. Baumber

Biography of Richard Swanley an East India Company Captain, who wrote the detailed ship’s journal for the Jonas when it sailed under Captain Weddell in 1621. As Master of the James, Swanley participated in various actions, in 1625, against the Portuguese in the Persian Gulf under Botelho. Swanley commanded the East India fleet that sailed in […] Read More

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Early Tonnage Measurement in England Part IV Rules Used by Shipwrights and Merchants

By W. Salisbury

The fourth in the series, this article examines the plethora of rules used by shipwrights and merchants to calculate tonnage in England between the adoption of Baker’s Rule in 1605 and the Commissions and Acts that created commonality in the mid nineteenth century. It seeks to distinguish between those proposed and those actually were used […] Read More

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Merchantmen of War in Nelson’s Day

By Bruce Dickens

This article gives an account of how a mixed fleet of East Indiamen and privately owned merchantmen successfully defended themselves against a French squadron of men-o-war. The merchantmen with aggression and determination pressed home their attack and emerged triumphant against the French. The article also includes an interesting insight into the career of the French […] Read More

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The Steamers of the Brahmaputra and the Ganges

By Basil Greenhill

Side-paddle steamers enabled the exploitation of the extensive river systems exiting into the north of the Bay of Bengal.   In 1833, a steamboat service was established on the Ganges. Calcutta to Allahabad, five hundred miles, took a month; comparatively swift. Coal logistics were expensive and as the railway expanded up the Ganges, so the steamer […] Read More

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Shipping and the East India Docks, 1802-38

By George Pattison

The East India Docks, built to accommodate the largest of the East Indiamen, opened in 1806. From his research in the Minutes of the East India Dock Company, Pattison identified numerous challenges faced by the company during its first thirty-six years of operation. Not least of these was vessels arriving in a poor condition and […] Read More

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The Society Annual Lecture 1962: The Dutch East-Indiamen: their Sailors, their Navigators, and Life on Board, 1602–1795

By C. R. Boxer

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the Dutch led the world in trade with the East-Indies. The Dutch East-India Company (VOC) was divided into six chambers, Amsterdam, Middleburg, Rotterdam, Delft, Hoorn and Enkhuizen, with a central board, the Heeren XVII, or ‘Gentlemen Seventeen’. Its main trading vessels, retour-schepen or ‘return-ships’, were used for the long […] Read More

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he East India Company and the Organization of its Shipping in the Early Seventeenth Century

By K. N. Chaudhuri

The article traces the history of shipbuilding by the East India Company in the Thames at Blackwall and Deptford, making use of the extensive archive of material in the India Office Library.   By 1621 the Company employed 2,500 seamen, in 10,000 tons of shipping. They were larger than the average merchant vessel, designed as they […] Read More

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Some Early Accounts of the Oriental Boat

By A.H. Hill

Records of sixteenth and seventeenth century mariners and travellers can provide a wealth of information, both written and pictorial, regarding the construction and use of boats in South East Asia. Here, the author examines the descriptions and diagrams of native craft made by early modern Portuguese, English and Dutch travellers. Read More

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M.A. De Ruyter, 1607 – 1676

By C.R. Boxer

Seventeenth Century Dutch Admiral, Michiel Adrianszoon De Ruyter is regarded as one of history’s greatest Admirals and as a national hero of the Netherlands. Beginning life at sea as a cabin boy and ending his career a revered fleet commander during the Dutch Wars, he fought in over fifty sea battles (including the extraordinary raid […] Read More

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