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Purchase in the Navy

By David Hannay

Noting that a system of purchase had existed in the East India Company, but not in the Royal Navy, the author describes two cases where Royal Navy officers joining their ship made payments to their predecessors; from such cases a system of purchase might have developed. Read More

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Note: An Early Russian and some Dutch Flags

By W G Perrin

Perrin provides two drawings of flags copied from a Van der Velde drawing of a yacht saluting a Dutch East Indiaman. He explains the origin of the flags, with that on the left being carried by an East Indiaman of the Amsterdam Chamber and that on the right being the Russian Mercantile Marine standard. Read More

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The Last of the East Indiamen

By W.B. Whall

This article recounts the end of the era of “John Company’s” ships. The regulation by Act of Parliament of the conditions of service is explained, and the reasons for its having been the source of huge wealth outlined.   When the monopoly ceased in 1814, along with the China trade in 1834, the ships were taken […] Read More

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