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Book Review-‘Tropic Suns: Seadogs aboard an English galleon’ by J. S. Dean

By John Ratcliffe

Drake, Hawkins, Raleigh and their ilk continue to stir the imaginations of academic and popular historians alike, despite the often scant evidence on which their voyages can be reconstructed. Here Professor James Seay Dean attempts to convey the realities of life during Tudor and Jacobean expeditions to the West Indies, emphasizing that spoiled provisions, scurvy […] Read More

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Peter Carder’s Strange Adventures Revealed

By Amilcar D'Avila de Mello

Peter Carder sailed with Drake during the famous 1577-80 circumnavigation of the world. His account of his adventure in South America was published in London in 1625 and widely accepted as truth.   Was Carder a skilled sailor, great mathematician, attacked and held captive? Did he live amongst cannibals? Could he have paddled 1,900 nautical […] Read More

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Note: Sir Francis Drake Discovered Cape Horn

By Raymond Aker

A close examination of the geography and historical evidence shows that Drake did discover Cape Horn, and not merely the cape on Henderson Island. Read More

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English Operations around Brest, 1594

By John S Nolan

Although the war between England and Spain from 1585 to 1603 was the widest conflict to date, the limited resources of the English meant that they were unable to hold New World ports for long or to ensure a strong enough presence at sea to intercept Spanish treasure ships by the blocking of their sea […] Read More

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The Sinews of War: Manning and Provisioning English Fighting Ships c.1550-1650

By G. V. Scammell

This article surveys the methods of recruitment of complements for both royal and private fighting ships and their provisioning. It demonstrates how inadequacies and problems reflected the administrative and political fragility of the early modern state. While, on the one hand, wars drained resources and threatened regimes, they also stimulated the growth and development of […] Read More

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Sir Francis Drake: a Note on his Portraiture

By John Sugden

This article presents the ten portraits of Sir Francis Drake possessing the strongest claims to have been made from life. Read More

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Note: The Ownership of Drake’s Golden Hind

By Paul Williams

The discovery of a document among the records of the High Court of the Admiralty proves that Drake himself owned the Golden Hind, which he had had built Read More

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Shipwreck and Mutiny in Spain’s Galleys on the Santo Domingo Station, 1583

By Richard Boulind

King Philip II delayed sending galleys to defend Santo Domingo from pirates, due to instability, corruption, and monetary chaos on the island of Hispaniola. The two galleys finally sent in 1582 soon met disaster, as the smaller galliot wrecked and a mutinous crew took over the remaining galley and held it for several months. The […] Read More

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Drake’s Navigational Skills

By Richard Boulind

Sir Francis Drake’s acquisition of cartography, navigation and cosmography skills began in earnest during his first independent voyage to the Isthmus of Panama (1572-3). Subsequent events including numerous raids against Spanish trade in the Indies, the Armada and the circumnavigation of the world provided Drake with the opportunity to establish his reputation as England’s greatest […] Read More

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Drake at San Juan De Puerto Rico

By G. R. Hewitt

This article covers part of the last voyage of Drake and Hawkins, the 1595 Panama expedition, in which they failed in their attempt to capture treasure stored at San Juan, on a peninsula on the north coast of Puerto Rico. The attacks were preceded by the death of Hawkins. The town had been warned of […] Read More

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