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Drake at San Juan De Puerto Rico

By G. R. Hewitt

This article covers part of the last voyage of Drake and Hawkins, the 1595 Panama expedition, in which they failed in their attempt to capture treasure stored at San Juan, on a peninsula on the north coast of Puerto Rico. The attacks were preceded by the death of Hawkins. The town had been warned of […] Read More

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Dead Reckoning and the Ocean Voyages of the Past

By C. V. Solver & G. J. Marcus

This paper revisits and re-evaluates the contemporary theory of trans-Atlantic navigation by dead reckoning alone, utilising the views of historians, documentary evidence and, critically for the author, the practical experience of mariners throughout history. Charting the history of the technique from Norsemen and the early European voyages of discovery, the author draws on the experiences […] Read More

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Called into Action by Her Majesty

By L. Graham H. Horton-Smith

This article draws on letters and other papers, some printed for the first time, collected in E.M. Tennison’s Elizabethan England . . . ‘In relation to Foreign Princes’ 1592-1596, vol. ix in order to counter nineteenth and twentieth century characterisations of Drake and Hawkins as corsairs. It reveals that Elizabeth’s opponents provided significant tributes to […] Read More

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To Outsail the Dutch

By R.A. Preston

By the middle of the seventeenth century Dutch men-of-war were superior to those of the English. Much attention was given to the art of shipbuilding and to the need for competing with the Dutch in the development of speed, roominess and sailing qualities. The Great Neptune, completed by about the end of December 1623, was, […] Read More

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The Most High-Spirited Man on Earth

By Michael Harrington

On the San Bernabe, the English admiral uttered, in Spanish ‘ Here die I, Richard Grenville, with a joyful and quiet mind…having ended my life as a true soldier ought to do, that fought for his country, Queen, religion and honour, whereby my soul most joyfully departeth…’ But those ‘traitors and dogs’ who surrendered must […] Read More

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The Identification of the Ashmolean Model

By FC Prideaux Naish

An investigation to establish the identity of a putative model Drake’s Golden Hind, preserved in the Ashmolean at least since 1689 but with no other provenance. Inferences are drawn from available evidence and records for the presumed features of the Golden Hind and compared with features of the model. From a consideration of its preservation […] Read More

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Carrack into Galleon

By A. H. Taylor

The author discusses progressive developments in ship types, armaments and fighting tactics between 1509 and the Armada in 1588, in the political and mercantile context of the period. The large fighting forecastle of the Carrack fell out of favour with the introduction of larger guns and the transition from hand weapons leading to development of […] Read More

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Drake’s Prayer

By D. Bonner-Smith

An exploration of how what was referred to by Field Marshall Montgomery, the BBC and has become widely known as Drake’s prayer developed from the words that Drake wrote in a letter in 1587 while riding at Cape Sakar. The words were adapted deliberately by the Dean of York and the Canon of Worcester when […] Read More

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Wars by Sea and Land 1588 – 1592

By J F Ruthven

Tenison was a member of SNR and the many volumes of Elizabethan England were reviewed in Mariner’s Mirrors as each was published. This article is a review of Volume 8 and a good description is given of the painstaking research that Tenison carried out using contemporary sources and often rewriting our knowledge and understanding of […] Read More

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The Evidence About the Golden Hind

By Gregory Robinson

This article gives a well reasoned reappraisal of the ‘facts’ available about the Golden Hind, derived from various sources, concluding with a definitive, if somewhat qualified, description of her dimensions, decoration, equipment, fittings, arming, rigging and manning. Read More

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