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An Instrument of Early-Stuart Sea Power: the Armed Merchantman Abigail c. 1615–39

By David R. Ransome

This is an exemplar for of the life and times of the ubiquitous ocean-going craft that sailed from England during the early 17th century.  At times merchant ship, privateer and warship, the Abigail had a busy life spanning 24 years.  Sailing under the English and Venetian Flags  with voyages across the Atlantic and Mediterranean, from […] Read More

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The Water Supply of the Argo and Other Oared Ships

By André Wegener Sleeswyk and Fik Meijer

The supply of drinking water aboard sea-going vessels has been a challenge of logistics for millennia, with the volume and consumption of water being a major factor in health at sea. Sleeswyk and Meijer’s paper seeks to establish the daily requirement and methods of storage aboard Greek vessels of Antiquity operating in Mediterranean conditions. Conclusions […] Read More

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The Experience of the Sixteenth-Century English Voyages to Guinea

By P.E.H. Hair

English voyages were later than Spanish, French and Portuguese. Trade was initially in gold, ivory, spices and hides, but Hawkins’ voyages in the 1560s carried slaves to the Caribbean. Outbound voyages ‘coasted’ down the western side of Europe and Africa; return voyages struck out into the Atlantic to find helpful winds and currents. Merchants’ Agents […] Read More

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The Achievements of Captain George Vancouver, a Reassessment after 200 Years

By John Nash

An assessment of the career of George Vancouver who died prematurely and dishonoured despite his considerable achievements. Sent by the Admiralty to the Pacific in command of two ships he returned safely having surveyed to a very high standard much of the northwest coast of America. He was innovative in his use of spruce beer […] Read More

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The Origin of Public Tendering for Royal Navy Provisions, 1699-1720

By J.D. Alsop and K.R. Dick

The introduction of public advertisements in the London Gazette was a significant change to the previous system of purveyance and individual contracts for supplies for the fleet. Advertisements were introduced because of concerns over quality and as a result of cash flow problems leading to a reluctance of unpaid creditors to provide supplies. Advertisements for […] Read More

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Cavendish’s Last Voyage Part I: the Charges Against Davis

By R.F. Hitchcock

Thomas Cavendish’s round the world voyage of 1586-88 richly rewarded everyone who was involved. The fleet in Cavendish’s 1591-93 expedition consisted of five vessels, including the Desire part owned and captained by John Davis. Davis in his dedication of the Seaman’s Secrets to Lord Howard of Heffingham, denies with a good deal of conviction the […] Read More

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The Royal Navy and the Caribbean, 1689-1763

By Christian Buchet

Between 1689 and 1763, Britain failed to capture the main Spanish and French possessions. Transporting and supplying British expeditions, which suffered morbidity on the crossing and in the islands, halved the number of effective men. When the supply line was switched to North America, regular supplies of fresh victuals were delivered. The Navy subsequently set […] Read More

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Note: The Parliamentary Award of 1772 to Dr Charles Irving for Salt Water Distillation at Sea

By Ann Savours

In 1762 Samuel Wallis succesfully used water distillation to provide fresh water at sea, a system used by Bougainville for his later circumnavigation. Demonstrated by Lind in 1762, the junior surgeon Dr Charles Irving gained the credit and the financial reward for the process. Read More

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Sea Surgeons, Health and England’s Maritime Expansion: the West African Trade 1553 – 1660

By J. D. Alsop

Alsop’s short study concentrates on the seriously life-threatening commerce with equatorial West Africa. Ships surgeons in the Royal Navy feature regularly in the historiography but those in the merchant marine rarely appear. With the expansion of long distance trade during the Tudor and early Stuart era the problems of mortality, ill health and incapacitation of […] Read More

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British Naval Strategy 1755 – 1762: the Western Squadron

By Richard Middleton

Interpretations of naval success between 1755 and 1762, are questioned, particularly the notion that William Pitt was responsible for the reversal of British naval fortunes. A detailed narrative of the Western Squadron’s activities in the English Channel is included. British naval success can be attributed to the pragmatic innovations implemented by First Lord Anson and […] Read More

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