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The Newcastle Whaling Trade 1752-1849

By Tony Barrow

Whaling was widespread and lucrative in UK Ports from the mid 1700s to the mid 1800s .The article comprehensively analyses the whaling industry founded in Newcastle and Tyneside showing how it flourished and the reasons for its decline. It examines the investment costs, the impact of the government bounty, the fleet sizes and their catches and […] Read More

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British Whaling Surgeons in the South Seas, 1823-1843

By Honore Foster

With the popularity of travelogues and natural history during the 19th century, several works by naval surgeons covering whaling voyages emerged between 1823 and 1843 and provide valuable sources on the history of the South Seas and the whaling industry. Deriving from a period before merchant ships were compelled to carry doctors (1854) these provide […] Read More

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The Sinews of War: Manning and Provisioning English Fighting Ships c.1550-1650

By G. V. Scammell

This article surveys the methods of recruitment of complements for both royal and private fighting ships and their provisioning. It demonstrates how inadequacies and problems reflected the administrative and political fragility of the early modern state. While, on the one hand, wars drained resources and threatened regimes, they also stimulated the growth and development of […] Read More

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Seamen Ashore and Afloat: the Social Environment of the Carreira da India, 1550-1750

By A.J.R. Russell-Wood

The social environment under which the Carreira da India operated over a 350 year period remained largely unaltered. The qualities both of seamanship and leadership afloat remained poor throughout. Equally the environment for the mariner at ports of call was hazardous to health and well-being as well as being depressing. There was a lack of […] Read More

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Surgeons of the Mary Rose: the Practice of Surgery in Tudor England

By James Watt

Examination of the surgeon’s chest found aboard the Mary Rose has produced evidence that the Tudor sea-surgeon was far more skilled and advanced in practice than hitherto recognized. The instruments discovered suggest that modern practices were employed; these in turn constitute a linear connection with today’s military surgery methods. The untouched state of the chest […] Read More

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Cook and Scurvy

By Christopher Lloyd

This article sets out the protracted history of the adoption of James Lind’s cure for scurvy following its publication in 1753. The author describes how James Cook, although successful in preventing scurvy on his voyages, mistakenly gave the credit to the use of malt. This may have served to delay the large scale use of […] Read More

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Note: Distillation of Water at Sea

By J.E. Roberts

A request for information about the distilling apparatus used aboard the Discovery during the North West Coast of America Voyage and of the inventor, Lieut. Orsbridge. In 1765 he was award 100 pounds for “his machines” but details of the invention are lacking. An overview of Navy Board sources is noted. Read More

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The Customs Quarantine Service

By E. A. Carson

After the Great Plaque the government of England, aware of the epidemics that swept the Continent and North Africa, realised they could easily be brought into the country by shipping. E.A. Carson explains why, how and when the various containment and preventive measures were slowly put through Parliament and their evolvement and effectiveness over the […] Read More

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Horatio Nelson and the Murderous Cooper

By H.L. Cryer

James Carse, cooper of Nelson’s frigate Boreas, was accused of the drunken murder of a woman two days after the ship was paid off at Sheerness in November 1784. At the trial Nelson gave evidence (quoted extensively here) that Carse was of good character but that he had shown signs of insanity following hospitalisation with […] Read More

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Sir John Jennings and the Preparations for the Naval Expedition to the Mediterranean of 1711-1713

By J. S. Kepler

The problems, tribulations and sheer luck of Admiral Sir John Jennings during his efforts to man his fleet, provide protection for his convoy, and conduct his duties as sent forth by the Admiralty to take command of the Mediterranean with little or no support from his own administration. England was fortunate that he was such […] Read More

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