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Book Review-‘Captain James Cook and the Search for Antarctica’ by J. C. Hamilton

By Frank Scott

James Cook Hamilton is a long-standing member of the Captain Cook Society, has published regularly in their journal and has made great use of the online Colonial Registers and Royal Navy Logbooks resource (CORRAL) to inspire this work. The voyages of Captain James Cook have generated a mountain of work, so any new author must […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Picturing the Pacific: Joseph Banks and the shipboard artists of Cook and Flinders’ by J. Taylor

By Katherine Parker

Taylor’s book comes just as institutions, societies and governments are beginning the decade-long process of commemorating the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s three voyages to the Pacific. On 25 August 1768 Cook set out in the Endeavour to view the transit of Venus and search for the unknown southern continent in the South Seas. […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Trading in War: London’s maritime world in the age of Cook and Nelson’ by M. Lincoln

By Isaac Land

Trading in War examines the social and cultural history of the maritime districts of London, on both the north and south banks of the Thames, from the Seven Years War era through the Napoleonic Wars. It is aimed at a general readership, rather than a specialized academic audience, integrating and abridging what we know from […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Captain Cook: Master of the seas’ by Frank McLynn

By John Mack

It may reasonably be thought that J. C. Beaglehole’s publications have long since had the final word on Captain Cook and his pioneering maritime exploits in the second half of the eighteenth century for all that the publishing industry’s appetite for retelling the heroic tales in more popular forms retains its position in a crowded […] Read More

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Note: Matthew Flinders in HMS Providence, 1791-93

By Madge Darby

This brief note corrects the statement that Matthew Flinders was demoted to able seaman by Captain Cook during his expedition of 1793. Read More

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Political Discussions Onboard HMS Crocodile: David Samwell, James King, and the Historical Implications for Captain Cook’s Third Voyage

By Lance Bertelsen

James King and David Samwell wrote two of the most important journals of Captain James Cook’s third voyage and later produced the most important eighteenth-century publications describing the controversial circumstances of Cook’s death. This article presents previously unpublished excerpts from Samwell’s letters describing political discussions between the two onboard HMS Crocodile in 1781, a period during which […] Read More

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Watering the Fleet and the Introduction of Distillation

By E.M. Diamond and K.T.H. Farrer

From the 14th Century it had been known that Arab chemists had distilled fresh from seawater; and throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries individual scientists and shipmasters had experimented with distillation.  This covers the history of distillation of water on ships at sea and experiments conducted by James Lind during the eighteenth century. An […] Read More

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Note: Thomas Luny and Cook’s Resolution

By J.F. Allan

The evidence for the design used by Luny when he painted Resolution is examined, and compared with the sketchbooks and completed works of art. Read More

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James Cook’s Secret Search in 1769

By Brian Hooker

A comparison of Captain James Cook’s early exploration of the coast of New Zealand in 1769/70 and that of Abel Janszoon Tasman in 1642/43. It gives Tasman’s track down the western coast in 1643, where he postulated a possible passage between the islands, and Captain Cook’s track down the eastern coast of North Island in […] Read More

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Document: Captain Cook’s Passing Certificate

By courtesy of Andrew C.F. David

J.C. Beaglehole, in his exhaustive biography of Captain James Cook, failed to mention that Cook was required to take the examination for lieutenant before being appointed to command the Endeavour. He was appointed on 25 May 1768 and thus his seniority as a lieutenant dates from that day, as demonstrated by the reproduced document. Read More

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Precursors of Cook: the Voyages of the Dolphin, 1764-8

By Randolph Cock

In the scholarly accounts of 18th century British voyages of discovery and exploration, those of Captain James Cook (1768-71, 1772-5, and 1776-8) figure prominently.  However, this article asserts that the two previous voyages of the Dolphin (1764-6 and 1766-8) have been unfairly slighted and deserve more attention and credit, since they materially contributed to the […] Read More

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To Make Discoveries of Countries Hitherto Unknown: the Admiralty and Pacific Exploration in the Eighteenth Century

By Glyn Williams

The author discusses various voyages of discovery in the Pacific Ocean conducted under the auspices of the British Admiralty. The paper argues that these voyages did not represent a clear policy of the Admiralty, but rather depended on the drive of individuals such as Anson, Egmont, Sandwich and Banks. The motives were not always purely […] Read More

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