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Book Review-‘The Last Voyage’ by P. U. Jepsen

By Daniel Pascoe

The Last Voyage is essentially about two Royal Navy ships of the line, HMS St George and HMS Defence, which were wrecked on the west coast of Jutland on Christmas Eve, 1811. It is, however, much more than the title suggests. For those less familiar with these ships and the period, Palle Uhd Jepsen also […] Read More

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The Battle of Jutland, Through a Looking-glass

By Derek Nudd

The German High Seas Fleet’s sorties in strength after the battle of Jutland were few and inconclusive, but as a ‘fleet in being’ it remained a powerful threat. Britain’s Admiralty, alive to the tactical issues thrown up by Jutland’s titanic clash, was anxious to learn what had gone wrong. Luckily for the British, German veterans […] Read More

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Gibraltar Dockyard: Problems of Recruitment 1939-1945

By Philip Macdougall

With increasing awareness that a further European war might one day occur, the decision was finally taken to enlarge two of the docks. From the point of view of labour recruitment, the adopted time table for work upon these docks turned a relatively simple problem into a nightmare. With both docks, at differing times, placed […] Read More

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Jutland, or a Second ‘Glorious First of June’

By Colin Lyle

Since May 31, 1916 few naval battles have been as controversial as Jutland. Who was to blame for the Grand Fleet’s performance: Jellicoe, Beatty, the weather, the ammunition, the time of day/night has been a matter of debate ever since. This article debates several scenarios and asks “What if?” If Jellicoe was hoping to repeat […] Read More

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Naval Strategy and Industrial Mobilisation at the Twelfth Hour: the Scheer Programme of 1918

By Gary E. Weir

Von Tirpitz, politician and shipbuilder, had an extraordinary impact on German naval thinking. He became the architect of the High Seas Fleet and his strategic ideas took on the nature of holy writ within the naval service. He did not, however, support the research and development of the submarine and Germany started the war with […] Read More

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The Battle of Jutland – An Appreciation Given at the Annual Jutland Dinner in HMS Warrior on 25 May 1978

By Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten

The Earl Mountbatten joined the Royal Navy’s Battle Cruiser Fleet six weeks after the Battle of Jutland. His 1978 address to the annual Jutland Dinner analyses the course and consequences of the Battle, including the Fleet’s comparative weakness against enemy fire. The address draws on personal observations and on presentations by Jellicoe, Sir Charles Morgan […] Read More

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Letters from the First World War

By Geoffrey Till

The author quotes from a small collection of letters from British naval officers in the 1914-16 period. Dominant themes are weary boredom on patrol in inhospitable seas and frustration over the little engagement with the enemy, tempered only with the realisation of being better off than their countrymen in the trenches. There is disappointment with […] Read More

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