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The Mutiny on the Javelin

By Peter Daniel

This is a participant’s account of events on the destroyer HMS Javelin, captained by Lieutenant-Commander Marjoribanks, which patrolled the Mediterranean from February 1945. In September 1946, following months of perceived ill-treatment and disproportionate punishments meted out by the Captain, the crew mutinied and refused to obey orders. After a well-respected crew member was arrested for […] Read More

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Note: Royal Marine and Army Reaction to Seditious Handbills in 1797

By Elizabeth Mary Diamond

This documents the vigorous response by the army to an invitation from disaffected naval personnel to join them in rebellion. Read More

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The Lurcher Cutter in the Seven Years’ War, 1761-1763

By Carol D. Greene

His Majesty’s Cutter Lurcher entered service in February 1761 through purchase of a captured French vessel. She served in the Dover Strait and the North Sea on convoy and patrol duties until March 1762. She was then dispatched to the West Indies. Lurcher compressed into slightly less than two years’ service all the patrol, convoy, […] Read More

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Parliamentary Naval Politics 1641-49

By M.L. Baumber

The radicals marked their triumph in the Navy by reviving the mixed Navy Commission of 1642, showing very clearly that it was a device to ensure close parliamentary control over the Navy. Yet for a second time its effective authority lasted no more than a year, before renewed allegations of corruption against the merchants provoked […] Read More

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Gibraltar Dockyard: Problems of Recruitment 1939-1945

By Philip Macdougall

With increasing awareness that a further European war might one day occur, the decision was finally taken to enlarge two of the docks. From the point of view of labour recruitment, the adopted time table for work upon these docks turned a relatively simple problem into a nightmare. With both docks, at differing times, placed […] Read More

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200 Years of Admiralty Charts and Surveys

By Roger Morriss

A scientific cartographer, Dalrymple was meticulous in everything he undertook. His charts were models of clarity and elegance, and as accurate as the surveys on which they were based. Most of the surveying and charting in the first half of the nineteenth century was more in support of trade than of military matters. The final […] Read More

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The New Holland: Her Voyages and the Men who Sailed in Her, 1827-1847

By Iain Rodger

This study of the career of a relatively small and obscure British brig and her crew sheds some light on the merchant shipping industry between the Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War. Tyne-built, the New Holland was first registered at Newcastle in January 1827. Initially, she was joint-owned by George Trail, farmer and landowner in […] Read More

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The Battle of Beachy Head: Lord Torrington’s Conduct

By C.D. Lee

Lord Torrington was sent to a court martial after the Battle of Beach Head on 30th June 1690, the government held him responsible for the virtual annihilation of the Dutch squadron of the Combined Fleet. Torrington was charged with failure to fight and engage. In spite of his acquittal, King William revoked Torrington’s commission. Read More

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The Mercer Affair

By R.J. Adam

In May 1777 the French bound 322 ton merchant ship Mercer was brought into the Cumberland port of Whitehaven, having been taken by her crew as a prize. This was an episode in the War of American Independence with those responsible for relieving the captain of his command being ‘Old Countrymen stranded on the wrong […] Read More

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The Mutiny of the Royal Indian Navy at Bombay in February 1946

By William Richardson

In February 1946, a “sit down” strike/mutiny broke out among seamen at the RIN Signal School at Colaba, Bombay, and was followed by general disaffection and in some cases violence in RIN bases and ships elsewhere, particularly in Karachi. The root cause was the political campaign for Indian Independence, coupled with a lack of a […] Read More

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