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Lord Bridport and the Spithead Mutiny

By Richard Saxby

While much has been written of the Spithead mutiny of 1797, little note has been taken of correspondence between Lord Bridport and the Admiralty while the Channel fleet was in a state of mutiny. Due to ill health, Lord Howe had resigned as C-in-C of the Fleet, leaving a rather untidy command structure, which resulted […] Read More

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The Final Voyage of the Jhelum

By Mensun Bound

The article uses the logs and crew agreements of the Jhelum to describe her last voyage before being abandoned at the Falklands after her cargo of guano had become compromised by water leaking into the vessel. The constant disagreements between the captain and the crew are detailed, with the captain’s log putting his predicament into […] Read More

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Alexander Selkirk and the Last Voyage of the Cinque Ports Galley

By C. D. Lee

In 1712 Alexander Selkirk acted as a witness in a case taken by investors against William Dampier, Commodore of the voyage during which he was marooned. The article explores the background to his depositions and queries the impartiality of his evidence. It is argued that Selkirk was not, as has generally been accepted, the master […] Read More

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The Sinews of War: Manning and Provisioning English Fighting Ships c.1550-1650

By G. V. Scammell

This article surveys the methods of recruitment of complements for both royal and private fighting ships and their provisioning. It demonstrates how inadequacies and problems reflected the administrative and political fragility of the early modern state. While, on the one hand, wars drained resources and threatened regimes, they also stimulated the growth and development of […] Read More

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The Mutiny in the John and Thomas

By N.A.M. Rodger

This article gives a background to press gangs operating in the mid 18th century navy. The events of the John and Thomas mutiny are recounted in the reports of Captain George Johnstone, sent to convoy and subsequently recover the press tender John and Thomas. Following these events Lieutenant Robert Sax commander of the John and […] Read More

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Note: The Constellation and the Hermione

By W.M.P. Dunne

The extraordinary connection between the American frigate Constellation and the mutinous Hermione is explained. Read More

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Bligh and the Defiance Mutiny

By Gavin Kennedy

In October 1795 mutiny broke out on Defiance in Leith. Bligh, then captain of Calcutta had a prominent role in suppression of the mutiny, leading boatloads of soldiers onto the ship. In a letter to Sir Joseph Banks he was less than complimentary about the approach taken by the authorities. The author shows how this […] Read More

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The Glorious First of June: an Account of the Battle by Peter Heywood

By Andrew C.F. David and P. Heywood

This introduces and provides background information for a letter from Peter Heywood, who was signal midshipman on board the Queen Charlotte, Howe’s flagship at the Glorious First of June. Written to Isaac Littledale of Liverpool, a friend of Heywood’s, the text gives a detailed account of the action, describing each ship to ship encounter and […] Read More

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Note: William Bligh’s Pocket Notebook

By Emma Fisher

An extensive overview and examination of the notebook created aboard the Bounty’s launch after the mutiny with ownership and sales history. Read More

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Broughton’s Schooner and the Bounty Mutineers

By Andrew C.F. David

William Broughton acquired a schooner in Macao in 1796 to assist with exploring the north-west Pacific. A letter of his in Admiralty records reported its weight but not its origin. Several published sources have since claimed that the schooner was originally built by James Morrison and some of the Bounty mutineers on Tahiti. The weight […] Read More

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