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Note: Benjamin T. Hill’s HMS Victory Collection

By Rodney Hilton Brown

An account of the Nelson and HMS Victory memorabilia collected by Benjamin Hill Read More

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Agincourt Sound Revisited

By Michael Barritt

At the resumption of hostilities in 1803 after the Peace of Amiens, Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, now commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean, renewed his interest in Sardinia as a logistical base for the blockade of Toulon. The story of the selection of an anchorage, known in the British fleet as Agincourt Sound, situated in the Maddalena Islands […] Read More

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Lord Nelson and Earl St Vincent: Prize Fighters

By Grahame Aldous QC

The lengthy prize litigation over the proceeds of Spanish treasure conducted between 1801 and 1803 involving Lord Nelson and Earl St Vincent is often referred to, but little understood. Using contemporaneous records, correspondence and law reports, this article considers the original prize captures that gave rise to the dispute, the tactics adopted by the litigating […] Read More

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The Application and Scheme of Paintworks in British Men-of-War in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries

By Peter G. Goodwin

The question of the authenticity of the colour scheme for the preserved HMS Victory has been the subject of some debate. This article uses historical evidence and technical analysis of paint samples to draw conclusions about the external and internal appearance of HMS Victory and other ships of this time in both the British and French navies. An investigation […] Read More

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Two years off Provence: the Victualling and Health of Nelson’s fleet in the Mediterranean, 1803 to 1805

By Janet Macdonald

The paper discusses the logistical difficulties of providing sufficient provisions to the Toulon squadron, particularly beverages and fresh food, which needed to be replenished frequently. The logistics and challenges of sourcing these from locations such as the Madalena Islands, Naples, Barcelona and Sicily are discussed, together with the work of the agent victualler, Richard Ford, […] Read More

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Friendship, Humanity and Heroism: The Legacy of 2005

By Colin White

The text of the speech given by Colin White at the National Trafalgar Night Dinner in 2005. Read More

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‘A Man of Business’: Nelson as Commander in Chief Mediterranean, May 1803 – January 1805

By Colin White

The Nelson letters published in 2005 include over 500 dating from 1803-5 that demonstrate his attention to detail as well as to strategy.  Maintaining his lines of communication; encouraging his officers; prescribing operational tactics; protecting commerce; securing provisions and naval stores; organising reconnaissance and nurturing diplomatic relations: all received Nelson’s attention, together with the previously […] Read More

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Buying Nelson: Sir James Caird’s Gifts to the National Maritime Museum

By Roger Quarm

As well as other magnificent and wide ranging gifts to the National Maritime Museum, Sir James Caird contributed substantially to its collection of oil paintings, prints, drawings and watercolours associated with Nelson.  Caird’s correspondence with Sir Geoffrey Callender between 1929 and 1946 reveals their feelings about the relevance and cost of potential purchases.  The work of Wyllie […] Read More

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Nelson and the Perfect Muster Book

By Roger Knight

Nelson in 1790-91 was out of favour with the Admiralty, which is usually attributed to his support for Prince William Henry in the Prince’s dispute with Lieutenant Schomberg.  But Nelson had also been censured for supporting the Prince when in 1786 he failed to deliver a complete muster book at Antigua.   This perhaps was seen […] Read More

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Nelson and the Eastern Mediterranean 1803-5

By Jane Knight

In 1803 control of the Adriatic was disputed; French troops occupied Italy; their privateers threatened commerce with the Levant; and Nelson was under orders to maintain good relations with Russia and Turkey.  With overland communications blocked, and the Government anxious for intelligence, Nelson’s effective and cordial communications with the British ambassador in Constantinople and consuls […] Read More

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