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‘A Man of Business’: Nelson as Commander in Chief Mediterranean, May 1803 – January 1805

By Colin White

The Nelson letters published in 2005 include over 500 dating from 1803-5 that demonstrate his attention to detail as well as to strategy.  Maintaining his lines of communication; encouraging his officers; prescribing operational tactics; protecting commerce; securing provisions and naval stores; organising reconnaissance and nurturing diplomatic relations: all received Nelson’s attention, together with the previously […] Read More

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Buying Nelson: Sir James Caird’s Gifts to the National Maritime Museum

By Roger Quarm

As well as other magnificent and wide ranging gifts to the National Maritime Museum, Sir James Caird contributed substantially to its collection of oil paintings, prints, drawings and watercolours associated with Nelson.  Caird’s correspondence with Sir Geoffrey Callender between 1929 and 1946 reveals their feelings about the relevance and cost of potential purchases.  The work of Wyllie […] Read More

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Nelson and the Perfect Muster Book

By Roger Knight

Nelson in 1790-91 was out of favour with the Admiralty, which is usually attributed to his support for Prince William Henry in the Prince’s dispute with Lieutenant Schomberg.  But Nelson had also been censured for supporting the Prince when in 1786 he failed to deliver a complete muster book at Antigua.   This perhaps was seen […] Read More

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Nelson and the Eastern Mediterranean 1803-5

By Jane Knight

In 1803 control of the Adriatic was disputed; French troops occupied Italy; their privateers threatened commerce with the Levant; and Nelson was under orders to maintain good relations with Russia and Turkey.  With overland communications blocked, and the Government anxious for intelligence, Nelson’s effective and cordial communications with the British ambassador in Constantinople and consuls […] Read More

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John Richards Lapenotiere and HM Schooner Pickle and their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

By Peter Hore

35-year old Lieutenant John Richards Lapenotiere had sailed to the Pacific but lacked ‘interest’; the origins of the Pickle are unclear; after rescuing Jeanette from the burning French Achille, they were chosen in the storm after the Battle of Trafalgar to carry Collingwood’s despatches to England.   Lapenotiere sailed north for nine days, landing at Falmouth […] Read More

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Trafalgar 1805: Strategy, Tactics and Results

By Rémi Monaque

This article examines the campaign and battle of Trafalgar from the French perspective. Poorly conceived by Napoleon, who was ignorant of sea power and without competent professional advice, the campaign could only have been saved by a commander of exceptional talent. Admiral Villeneuve was not such a man. Pessimistic from the outset, he was unable […] Read More

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Saving the Victory

By Alan Aberg

This article chronicles the connection between the Society for Nautical Research and HMS Victory. The lack of conservation during the nineteenth century had led to her condition giving real cause for concern, and the Society initiated the fund-raising drive which enabled first her removal into dry dock and then the program of restoration and conservation […] Read More

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Robert Southey, his Biography of Nelson and the ‘Deplorable Transaction’

By Mike Baker

Robert Southey wrote his Life of Nelson in 1813 and this biography is responsible largely for the concept today of Nelson as the quintessential heroic figure. Southey harshly criticised Nelson for his actions regarding the court martial and subsequent execution of Commodore Caracciolo in 1799. The sources used by Southey were flawed as were his […] Read More

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Surgery at Trafalgar

By Sir James Watt

The success of surgery at sea depended upon the health and welfare of the patient as much as the skill and experience of the surgeon. The disparity between the health, hygiene, morale and medical support between the two fleets could not have been greater. The article outlines the British as opposed to the French surgical […] Read More

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The Final Sacrifice off Cape Trafalgar

By Julian de Zulueta

This article is a deeply personal account of the battle from a widely respected scholar. He lays the responsibiity for the tragedy of Trafalgar at Napoleon’s door, detailing his design for the great enterprise and the extent to which Napoleon underestimated his own fallibility. The article details the strength, design and speed of the Spanish […] Read More

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