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‘…All was hushed up’: the Hidden Trafalgar

By Dr. Michael Duffy

Examination of the performance of British admirals and captains at Trafalgar reveals great differences in their abilities. Comparison of Nelson’s battle plan, the order of battle he allotted to his ships, and the times at which they opened fire show that half were in action within twenty minutes of Nelson and Collingwood and bore the […] Read More

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‘Victory or Death’: Edged Weapons and Small Arms Relating to the Battle of Trafalgar in the National Maritime Museum

By Liza Verity

A brief survey of weapons that are directly or indirectly related to the battle of Trafalgar and which are held in the NMM collection. Described are the different types of edged weapons and firearms used by British, French and Spanish officers and sailors during the battle as well as presentation pieces. Also included are extracts […] Read More

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From Hawke to Nelson: Strategical and Tactical Comparisons

By Dr Ruddock Mackay

The achievements of Admiral Edward Hawke (1705 – 1781) are compared with those of Nelson. While Nelson had little success in finding enemy fleets away from port, Hawke, in contrast, made several decisive victories by intercepting French fleets on the high seas. In the tactics of battle, Nelson followed, and built on, the example set […] Read More

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Diet, Dirt and Discipline: Medical Developments in Nelson’s Navy: Dr John Snipe’s Contribution

By Jane Bowden-Dan

The notorious fighting superiority of Nelson’s ships owed much to the health and discipline of the men. In the second half of the eighteenth century, the medical officers in the British Navy proposed, and obtained, several improvements in general diet, anti-scorbutics, and hygiene. These efforts are recounted mainly on the basis of the reports and […] Read More

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NOTE: The New Nelson Letters

By Colin White

The wealth of unpublished Nelson letters is outlined, with much new material having recently come to light. Read More

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Image and Reality in Eighteenth-Century Naval Tactics

By N. A. M. Rodger

The history of naval tactics inspects communications, control and leadership; particularly in battle.  Planned manoeuvres and the reality often differed. The admiral’s style of command, from autocratic to trusting, was often decisive. Signals were ambiguous, if received. Ships manoeuvred idiosyncratically; rarely in concert. Collision, confusion and a disorganised line of battle might result. Improved signals […] Read More

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Document: Nelson Bust

By courtesy of P. K. Crimmin

A marble bust was made of Nelson by Franz Thaller and Matthias Ranson in Vienna in August 1800, when the admiral was on his way home from Naples. The reproduced letter from the sculptors, in the Croker Collection at the National Maritime Museum, is part of the Nelson collection of manuscripts held there and is […] Read More

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Note: Was Nelson Killed by Robert Guillemard?

By R. Monaque

The events on boad HMS Victory on 21 October 1805 and the identity of the man who fired the fatal shot. Read More

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Nelson and the Nile: the Creation of Admiral Nelson’s Public Image

By Marianne Czisnik

Nelson’s capture of two superior Spanish ships during the battle of St Vincent initially received little public attention due to its omission from the official report. A month later, newspapers published Nelson’s own account, raising not only public awareness of Nelson but also their desire for memorabilia, usually bearing only a vague passing resemblance to […] Read More

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Nelson’s Uncle: Captain Maurice Suckling R.N.

By David Syrett

Captain Maurice Sucking entered the Royal Navy at the age of 13 as an able seaman. During his career he climbed the ranks to command 60 and 70-gun ships. His career took him through an eventful time in European history, including the War of Jenkins Ear and the Seven Year War, but despite this he […] Read More

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