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Note: The Nelson Bicentenary at Tenerife, Spanish Celebration and British Commemoration.

By R.E.G. Harris

A moving tribute to the presence of HMS Victory’s Cutter at the bicentenary of Nelson’s original assault on Tenerife in July 1797. Read More

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Note: The Fore-topsail of HMS Victory.

By Peter Goodwin

This artefact, the only historic relic left from the ship of the battle is examined, and its display explained. Read More

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Note: The Nelson Masks

By Colin White

This describes the symposium which attempted to establish which, if any, of the three masks was done after Nelson’s death Read More

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Patriotism Personified: Robert Southey’s Life of Nelson Reconsidered

By David Eastwood

Considers Southey’s description of Nelson as an early political biography and a ‘patriotic manual for young sailors.’ Read More

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Sir John’s Victory: The Battle of Cape St Vincent Reconsidered

By M.A.J. Palmer

This considers Jervis’ despatches, then reconciles them to other ships’ logs and written accounts. The log lists times and meanings of signals, course, speed and wind direction. Many accounts have ignored limitations of the signal book and effect of the wind backing. Discusses Jervis’ success in keeping Spanish fleet divided; difficulties of communication without repeating […] Read More

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Nelson and American Merchantmen in the West Indies, 1784-1787

By Brian S. Kirby

The Navigation Acts legally controlled trade between the West Indies and England, yet American attempts to overcome the protectionist limitations were often assisted by officials keen to take advantage of cheaper US goods. It was into this environment that Nelson arrived in June 1784, joining the seven-ship squadron of Admiral Sir Richard Hughes. Nelson’s correspondence […] Read More

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The Serpent and the Dove: Studying Nelson’s Character

By Susan Harmon

Horatio Nelson is an established national hero but aspects of his character are complex and contradictory. This paper discusses Nelson’s underlying character with examples drawn in particular from his conduct at the Battle of Copenhagen, when he famously turned a blind-eye to the Commander-in-Chief’s order to withdraw, and courted controversy by seemingly threatening to burn […] Read More

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Note: Trafalgar – an Eye-witness Account

By A.G. Credland

A little known letter written by a master’s mate aboard HMS Africa at the battle of Trafalgar. Read More

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Humanity or Ruse De Guerre – Nelson’s Letter to the Danes

By Ole Feldbaek

During the battle of Copenhagen Nelson sent a short letter to the Danish Government asking them to cease hostilities to save the lives of Danes on ships which had surrendered. The motive for the letter remains contentious. Was it written for humanitarian reasons or was it a ruse, persuading the Danes to give up the […] Read More

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Some Naval Memorials in the County of Dorset

By J. D. Spinney

Naval memorials abound in Dorset and J. D. Spinney in “Some Naval Memorials in Dorset” describes a selection of more than twenty. Beginning with Admiral Sir George Somers, a shipmate of Walter Raleigh, and ending with Lt. Cmdr. E. G. Cookson V.C., D.S.O., of H.M.S. Clio, who died attempting to remove under fire an enemy […] Read More

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