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Shantying and Shanties Part I

By L. G. Carr Laughton

It is not uncommon for people to become interested in something, such as a custom, when it is, or is about to become, obsolete. Such a case is the shanty, the song of sea-labour, which crews of deep water sailing ships sang at their work. No collection of these songs was published until sailing ships, […] Read More

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The Mariner’s Marvellous Magazine

By Olaf Hartelie

In 1809, Thomas Tegg published a curious magazine in four volumes; each consisting of ten chapbooks which might originally have been sold separately. The Mariner’s Marvellous Magazine was illustrated and related stories of shipwreck, foundering, explosion, piracy, mutiny, and the torture practices of natives around the world.   The demotic produces strange-sounding phrases like “studding athwart […] Read More

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Edwin Williams

By Alan Moore

Williams went to sea in the Merchant Service in 1857, and made at least one voyage across the Western Ocean before joining the Navy. He described some of the last floggings with great vividness, and one could see the quarter deck with the grating rigged. Asked if he had ever been in action, he replied: […] Read More

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Note: “Ruxley’s Crew” – Response

By Henry Atton

Atton surmises that the crew referred to in Geoffrey Callender’s article in MM Volume1, Issue 12 was in fact a group of pirates known as “Jack the Bachelor’s gang”, who committed numerous depredations and captured the revenue cutter Pelham off Beaumaris. Read More

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