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Notes from Naval Novels Part I

By Olaf Hartelie

I daresay you have been and sweated the bottle, whilst I have been upon deck taking a reef in. Shew us the bottle and we shall soon see. I saw the pint poured in, and I wouldn’t let the steward put his nasty thumb in the measure. so I know we had good allowance. The […] Read More

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The Battle Of New Brighton

By W. Senior

In 1755, HMS “Winchelsea” sent a barge to press merchant seamen off “Upton”, only to be met by loaded guns and cutlasses.   The “Upton” crew then sailed across to the barge, exchanged musket fire, capsized, were rescued and pressed. The “Tarleton a few days later similarly threatened the “Winchelsea” barge. The barge requested they acknowledge […] Read More

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