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The Mariner’s Marvellous Magazine

By Olaf Hartelie

In 1809, Thomas Tegg published a curious magazine in four volumes; each consisting of ten chapbooks which might originally have been sold separately. The Mariner’s Marvellous Magazine was illustrated and related stories of shipwreck, foundering, explosion, piracy, mutiny, and the torture practices of natives around the world.   The demotic produces strange-sounding phrases like “studding athwart […] Read More

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The Casting Away of the Adventure

By W. Senior

On a calm Sunday morning in August 1802 the square-sterned brigantine Adventure was scuttled off Brighton in a ham-fisted attempt at an insurance fraud. However, the vessel was successfully recovered and the fraud exposed.  The conspirators were brought before the High Court of Admiralty and this is the story of the conspiracy, and the fate […] Read More

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Hockin’s Case: And Incidentally of False Lights

By W. Senior

Those looking for examples of deliberate wrecking by showing false lights need to treat with care casual references to such conduct. An allegation against an early lighthouse keeper in the Scillies turns out upon enquiry into Trinity House records to be a false allegation to cover the error of the second mate of the Golden […] Read More

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The Treasure Frigate “Thetis”

By W. Senior

When the 46-gun frigate Thetis was wrecked on Cape Frio, Brazil in December 1830, she was bound for England and carrying £160,000 in gold and silver. The ship sank in comparatively shallow water, but soon broke up. Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Baker (commanding the South American Station) organized the salvage of the treasure, working with […] Read More

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Man-of-War Boats Part II

By Rear-Admiral Sir R. Massie Blomfield

In this article the author describes the origin and uses of a number of boats carried by men-of war, mostly quoting 18th century sources. He differentiates between the pinnace (from pinewood, from which it was built) and the gig or galley by their size and number of oars; he describes the gig and the galley […] Read More

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