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‘They All Got Off Except the Ship’: Captain Hastings and the Howe

By Ernest W. Toy

This article begins with the early career of Captain Hastings, before explaining why he and his command were off Spain in 1982. The fact that the reef upon which Howe grounded was uncharted was accepted at the courtmartial, but her failure to turn as swiftly as the Royal Sovereign was the cause of her grounding. […] Read More

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An Instrument of Early-Stuart Sea Power: the Armed Merchantman Abigail c. 1615–39

By David R. Ransome

This is an exemplar for of the life and times of the ubiquitous ocean-going craft that sailed from England during the early 17th century.  At times merchant ship, privateer and warship, the Abigail had a busy life spanning 24 years.  Sailing under the English and Venetian Flags  with voyages across the Atlantic and Mediterranean, from […] Read More

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Note: The Loss of the Nepaul

By John C. Welsh

The fate of the Nepaul once she had struck on the rocks off the Plymouth breakwater is never in doubt. Read More

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The Evolution of Rocket-based Maritime Rescue Systems in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

By W.B.C. Probert

Being driven onto a lee shore was a common type of shipwreck, often with great loss of life. Manby’s development of a mortar to throw a line from shore was supported by the government from 1816. Following further parliamentary concern, including several Enquiries and the 1854 Merchant Shipping Act, this was supplemented and eventually superseded […] Read More

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Note: HMS Pheasant 1916-96

By K.D. McBride

Having been lost with all hands in 1917, the wreck of the Pheasant was explored by Army divers in 1997. Read More

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Shipping and Trade in Scotland 1556-1830: the Records of the Scottish Admiralty Court

By Susan Mowat

A good amount of largely unexploited primary source material is readily available in Edinburgh. An index already exists, but only gives the names of the principal protagonists in each case; the author is preparing a better index. Helpful explanations are given of various archaic legal terms used in the material and of its organisation and […] Read More

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Coopers and Casks in the Whaling Trade 1800-1850

By Mark Howard

Most whale oil casks were fairly large which meant the staves were bigger, more numerous and the cask correspondingly more difficult to assemble. ‘A cooper at large work is an old man… at forty… his physical energies then are nearly all exhausted’, said one experienced cooper in 1850. The years they spent stooping over their […] Read More

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Note: the Loss of the Sloop Peggy 1770

By David Hepper

Carrying men raised in the Falklands Islands re-armament of 1770 Peggy was returning to Portsmouth from South Sheilds with pressed men aboard when she was overtaken by bad weather off Cromer, and driven on shore. Read More

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Note: Coins in Wrecks

By Edoardo Riccardi

This describes the use that might be made of hidden hoards and ritual hiding places in dating wrecks, discounting lost coins as unimportsnt for the purpose. Read More

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Note: Waiting for Orders – the Jhelum in the Falkland Islands 1870-1

By Michael Stammers

Abandoned in the Falkland Islands as unseaworthy, this is a sad story of the costs of repairs which could not be met. Read More

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