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Hercules Linton, 1836-1900 Designer of the Cutty Sark

By Ann Linton

A memoir written by Hercules Linton’s daughter in 1976 when she was 97. The beautifully written original is held by the Cutty Sark Society. Moving on from Hercules’ antecedent history Miss Linton explains how he came to build the Cutty Sark at a time when most small yards were building or adapting vessels for steam. […] Read More

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Jacob, the Diver

By Alan Roddie

The Dutch marine diver, John Jacop Janson, (in English Jacob Johnson) was hired in 1620 to recover guns from a shipwreck near Waterford. He was later hired to recover guns and valuable cargo from ships wrecked in the Downs, near Dover, at the Needles and in Southern Ireland. In 1629 he had a warrant to […] Read More

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The Stranding of the S.S. Great Britain in Dundrum Bay

By E C B Corlett

On the 22nd September 1846, at the start of a routine transatlantic voyage from Liverpool, the SS Great Britain, then the largest in the world, narrowly missed rocks to run ashore on the beach in Dundrum Bay. The author analyses accounts given at the time and also detailed contemporary weather and tidal data in order […] Read More

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The Surveys of John McCluer

By W.A. Spray

Three of the most important surveys carried out by officers of the Bombay Marine in the eighteenth century were surveys of the Persian Gulf, the west coast of India and the southern approaches to the Eastern Seas. All three were the work of Captain John McCluer. McCluer’s surveys were valuable and were relied on by […] Read More

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The Loss of H.M.S. Viper

By H.C. Timewell

During the Channel Squadron’s summer manoeuvres, Lieut. William Speke RN wrecked H.M.S. Viper, the world’s first turbine driven warship. Thirteen days later Lieut. Speke faced his court martial. The Admiralty accepted the risks of manoeuvring some 127 warships in crowded waters, perhaps this recognition was the reason Lieut. William Speke walked away from his court […] Read More

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The Stranding of HMS Success at Fremantle

By Graeme Henderson

In 1829, due to faulty pilotage, HMS Success grounded on the Western side of Cockburn Sound, South of Fremantle. The paper describes the efforts made to refloat her, which was eventually successful, and the repairs undertaken by the ship’s crew aided by the crews of other naval ships who had assisted in the rescue. The […] Read More

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The Survival of Ancient Mediterranean Boat Designs

By A. F. Tilley

The sea-going Phoenicians colonised the Mediterranean and Portuguese shores.  From ancient carvings of their boats, it is perhaps possible to recognise modern survivors of those designs. Common characteristics, irrespective of size, are double-ended carvel-built hulls, with conspicuous bow and stern, tilt or turtle canopies, and similar oarage.  Examination of construction, related myths and linguistic characteristics […] Read More

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Improbable Legends Surrounding the Shipwreck of Sir Clowdisley Shovel

By J. G. Pickwell

This research note clearly demonstrates the unfounded basis for at least three colourful tales about the wreck of Sir Clowdisley Shovell’s fleet on the Isles of Scilly in 1707. The article discuses three legends: Firstly, that a council of sailing-masters was held concerning the fleet’s position in the afternoon prior to the disaster; secondly, that […] Read More

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Shipwreck and Mutiny in Spain’s Galleys on the Santo Domingo Station, 1583

By Richard Boulind

King Philip II delayed sending galleys to defend Santo Domingo from pirates, due to instability, corruption, and monetary chaos on the island of Hispaniola. The two galleys finally sent in 1582 soon met disaster, as the smaller galliot wrecked and a mutinous crew took over the remaining galley and held it for several months. The […] Read More

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Document: Invention of the Lifeboat

By courtesy of Frederick C. Wigby

In 1802 the Select Committee of the House of Commons investigated Mr Greathead’s petition respecting his invention of a lifeboat. Having interviewed a number of witnesses with direct knowledge of Greathead’s lifeboat and its fitness for purpose, it was acknowledged that he was the inventor of the lifeboat and that Parliament would award him £1200 […] Read More

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