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The Wreck of the Weymouth

By W. E. May

A description of the events that led to the 60 gun ship Weymouth, Captain Calmady, breaking up on a reef in February 1745. Using the ships log and notes from the court martial, the author establishes the cause as a navigational error where the pilot consistently mistook Antigua for Montserrat and neither of the Captains […] Read More

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The Raising of the Royal Swedish Ship Wasa

By Commodore Edward Clason

An account by the leader of the operation of the events leading up to the final raising of the Wasa (or Vasa) a year earlier, along with a detailed account of the methods used to raise and the impressions that had been formed of her original construction from the first inspection of the ship and […] Read More

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The Society Annual Lecture 1961: Submarine Archaeology and Mediterranean Wreck Formations

By Honor Frost

The pioneering maritime archaeologist, Honor Frost, presented this lecture when this was a developing profession. It is worth noting that ‘submarine’ mentioned in the title of this article is not the vessel, but the archaeological remains found under the water. (Her mention of ‘free diving’ should also be understood as using SCUBA or Aqualung equipment.) […] Read More

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The Woolwich Ship

By W. Salisbury

Though the story of the unearthing (1912) of the Woolwich Ship has been told by Dr. R.C. Anderson (Mariner’s Mirror May 1959), until now its identification remained a mystery. Based on existing evidence, including the author’s reconstruction of a portion of the ship’s hull, the author concludes that the wreck is the Sovereign. The Sovereign […] Read More

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Wrecks in the Isles of Scilly

By Juliet du Boulay

This article examines the Scilly Island’s long history of shipwrecks, their part in islanders’ lives and their 19th century relative demise through lighthouse construction and steamship development. Main issues include the islanders’ continuous acts of bravery in the rescue of victims, salvaging of ship contents, beachcombing wreckage, use and sale of salvaged goods, avoidance of […] Read More

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Christopher Gunman and the Wreck of the Gloucester Part I

By P.M. Cowburn

The journals written by Christopher Gunman between 1662 and 1685 chart an eventful career, and this article describes the wreck of the Gloucester. Was the wreck deliberately caused by the master to bring about the death of James, Duke of York? Once the wreck was inevitable was it compounded by James’s irresolution in the face […] Read More

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A Problem in Naval Archaeology

By G.B. Rubin de Cervin

During excavations in Genoa harbour in 1597 the bronze cast-head of a boar was hand dredged to the surface. Historians classified the relic as being the rostrum of a Roman galley. In 1833 it was removed to the ‘Armeria Reale’ of Turin and was labelled as a Roman xystus. Archaeologists seemed to have always overlooked […] Read More

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Some Chronicles of the Larkins Family Part II: The Wreck of the Halsewell 1786

By E.W. Bovill

One in four of the East India Company’s ships met ‘a violent death’, and this article describes the end of the Halsewell, one of the vessels owned by the Larkins family.   The voyage began on in the Downs on 1 January 1786, and the vessel had got no further than Berry Head, just off Torquay, when […] Read More

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The Voyage of the Snow Africa

By W.E. Minchinton

The snow Africa was a two-masted, square rigged ship of 100 tons burthen. Such a vessel would carry about 250 slaves. On 15 July 1775, after an absence of 9 months, the Africa arrived back at Bristol in ballast. There was a total loss on this particular voyage of 250 pounds 18 shillings. It is […] Read More

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To Outsail the Dutch

By R.A. Preston

By the middle of the seventeenth century Dutch men-of-war were superior to those of the English. Much attention was given to the art of shipbuilding and to the need for competing with the Dutch in the development of speed, roominess and sailing qualities. The Great Neptune, completed by about the end of December 1623, was, […] Read More

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